Windsurfing Trip - September 2010

Start Date: Saturday, September 25th, 2010 8:00 AM
End Date: Saturday, September 25th, 2010 3:00 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: NEW LOCATION Alamitos Bay, Marine Park, Long Beach, CA
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip, Windsurf Center Forms
Requirements: Swimming Merit Badge, physical strength (ability to pickup a 1m square sheet off the water)
Coordinator: Terry Domae
Cost: $30
Last Date to Signup: Limit 12, Already oversubscribed Taking names for waiting list
Things to bring: Whitewater Rafting Checklist


This outing is primarily and simply windsurfing lessons - an opportunity to learn a new sport.
Windsurfing is a combination of surfing and sailing.

Requirements for this outing - no exceptions - will be the swimming merit badge,
demonstration of physical strength - enough to lift a 1m square sheet off the water, and
your deposit ($30) in by 9/5/2010.

You can demonstrate your physical strength by TBD.

The instructors are certified by the US windsurfing assn, and will be assisted by some
of the adults who have windsurfing experience.

The weather is suppose to be HOT!!! high 80's to 100. But the water is COLD (about 60F). If you have a wetsuit, you might want to bring it along. Also, you might want to check the website for things to bring. In particular, water, sunscreen, hat, towels, aqua shoes (if you have them), change of clothes, light jacket.

Remember to bring a lunch!

I checked in with the instructor at the windsurfing center, and we found out there is a sailing event in Alamitos Bay at the LB yacht club on Sat. That means the previously scheduled beach will be crowded. So, we are going to move the lessons to a different beach next to the USA sailing facility. The addresses is 5460 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803 - see the website for an updated map. There is free street parking there on the north side of the street. We are using the beach to the North of Ocean BLVD in Alamitos Bay. We are launching the boards between the blue lifeguard tower and the boat
docks to the north of the lifeguard tower.

Directions to the beach: Head 605 South, transition to 22 Fwy west. Exit Studebaker, and head south (LEFT) to Westminster. Turn Right onto Westminster, go past PCH. You will pass over one bridge to enter Naples, then a second bridge. You will make a left turn just on the other side of the 2nd bridge onto Bay Shore Ave. Take Bay Shore ave to
Ocean ave. Left onto Ocean and go about 1/4 mile just past the Bayshore Co-op. turn left into lot, and you should be able to find street parking.

We are still meeting at 8am this Saturday.



Windsurf Center Forms


The organization we are receiving lessons from are doing so at a minimal cost - typical lessons can cost 100 to 200 per hour! They are providing the equipment, and we will need to help them clean the boards and sails with fresh water.

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