Whitewater Rafting Checklist

What to Bring

  1. Have a good breakfast at home
  2. Wear Troop green T-shirt and full-brim hat
  3. Bring sack lunch for Saturday
  4. Money for Sunday dinner or snack ($10 - $15)

For Camping

  1. Water bottles or hydration packs
  2. Personal hygiene, sunscreen, sunglasses
  3. Personal first aid kit, personal medicine
  4. ‘3 essentials’ (whistle, compass, emergency blanket and others)
  5. Shoes for traveling (tennis shoes are OK)
  6. Sleeping bag & sleeping pad
  7. Warm clothes (Layers: Green Troop t-shirt, sweatshirt / jacket, windbreaker, long / short pants)
  8. Mess Kit / Plate / Utensils, 2 garbage bags
  9. Game (non-electronic)

For Rafting

  1. Wool socks for foot warmth
  2. Swimsuit or lightweight shorts
  3. Tennis shoes or sandals that strap on – No slip-ons (This is not for traveling)
  4. T-shirt for sun protection (cotton is not recommended)
  5. Sunscreen
  6. lib balm
  7. security strap for glasses
  8. Waterproof camera
  9. Towel
  10. Dry clothes for trip home
  11. Plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes

Note: There may be times during the rafting adventure that you will end up in the water and these articles may get lost if you do not take precautions.

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