Troop 693-Training Subsidy Policy

Effective: August 2, 2011
Amended: September 13, 2011

Initial Discussion

The following broad guideline was the result of discussion at Committee Meeting-August 2011

  • Troop 693 will be subsidizing 50% of cost for NYLT and SPL/ASPL Summer Camp Training up to $600 maximum split.
  • Troop 693 will be subsidizing 100% of cost for Adult Leadership Training up to $400 maximum split.


Changes Adopted at Committee Meeting-September 2011

Training is an important part of scouting. The troop will financially support training for both scouts and adults with the following guidelines:

  • Troop 693 will reimburse 100% of cost for any training that costs up to $25.00, without prior approval of committee. The person asking for reimbursement should submit a receipt with proof of having completed the training to the troop treasurer.
  • Troop 693 requires committee approval for any training that costs more than $25.00. The troop will reimburse scouts 50% of any training that costs more than $25.00. The troop will reimburse adults 100% of any training that costs more than $25.00. Scouts will need to get recommendation from Scoutmaster prior to seeking committee approval.
  • The annual Troop training budget is $1,000.00 and will coincide with the Troop fiscal year (September to August). There will be no carry-over of budget from year to year. Any expenditure greater than the annual budgeted amount of $1,000.00 would require committee approval prior to expenditures being incurred.
  • Committee approved training classes include but are not limited to: University of Scouting, National Youth Leadership Training, Summer Camp SPL/ASPL Training, SM/ASM Leader Specific Training, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, HAT Backpack Training, Woodbadge, CPR Training.

Current Training Fees

Course Fee
NYLT $280.00
City of Cerritos CPR Class $25.00 (material fee)
Summer Camp $200.00
Woodbadge $280.00
University of Scouting $22.00
SM/ASM Leader Specific $25.00
HAT Backpack Training $50.00
Intro to Outdoor Leader Skill $25.00

Note: Committee retroactively approved subsidy for Brian Hsiang and Curtis Cha who took SPL trainings at Emerald Bay in July 2011.

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