Troop 693 - Rank Advancement Process

Rank Advancement Process

  • Complete all rank requirements (except scoutmaster conference and Board of Review)
  • Call scoutmaster to schedule scoutmaster conference
  • Have scoutmaster conference (see below for details on Scoutmaster Conference)
  • Have a Board of Review (see below for details on Board of Review)
  • Receive official rank patch at next Court of Honor (however, effective date of rank advancement is the date Board of Review is passed)

Scoutmaster Conference

  • For overview of scoutmaster conference see Scoutmaster Conference
  • The scoutmaster conference should be filtering out any potential shortcoming issues in participation and uniform. See Uniform for what makes a Class A uniform,
  • A scout can be recommended to move on or deferred to a later date based on his readiness of the rank advancement.
  • A scout will be given a white slip if he completes scoutmaster conference successfully.
  • Remember to get scoutmaster sign off for rank advancement in Scout handbook
  • Remember to get scoutmaster sign off of Troop white slip indicating completion of scoutmaster conference

Board of Review

Board of Review Signup

  • After the successful completion of scoutmaster conference, contact Rank Advancement Chair to schedule Board of Review (typically held every 3rd Thursday of the month)
  • Give signed-off Troop white slip with scoutmaster initials to Rank Advancement Chair * Deadline to request Board of Review is one week before the 3rd Thursday. For example, 2/19 is BoR and the deadline to apply for February BoR is 2/12.
  • Do not call the cell phone, for which is used by adults only.
  • Receive confirmation from Board of Review Chair with date and time of Board of Review

During Board of Review

  • Scouts need to bring scout book in full Class A uniform. See Uniform for what makes a Class A uniform,
  • Scouts should be well prepared and ten minutes early before the appointment.
  • Scouts should have good grasp of the rank he is applying.
  • The board of review result can either pass or no pass. If pass, the report will have Board of Review date, which is the date to turn in to National database.
  • If a scout does not pass, his report will provide the reason why he did not clear the board, and guidelines on which he should work on.
  • If a tenderfoot or a second class scout has uniform deficiency, he can still continue the board and his book will not be signed off until he can correct the deficiency. He can obtain a sign-off by the same adult leaders of the board as soon as he can rectify the problem, for example the very next Monday‚Äôs meeting. The sign-off date will be recorded in the troop database and his scout book.
  • If any scout is not on time, his slot will be canceled and can be given to the next one in line. Be on time is very crucial to pay his respect to the volunteer adult leaders If there is any disagreement with the result, the rank advancement chairs will schedule a separate meeting to review the process. Parents should channel through the right avenue to appeal. Do not upset or discourage volunteer board members. See Conflict Resolution for escalation path.
  • If a scout in the first class rank or above has uniform deficiency, he will be deferred till the next Board of Review without exception.
  • If a scout book was signed (even though there was uniform deficiency), then technically, the scout has passed and would be recognized at the Court of Honor.
  • If both report and scout book were signed, the scout should be reminded to correct his uniform deficiency ASAP.
  • All scouts will get BoR result, documented by the board members, including positive or negative feedback. Both scout and troop will get a copy of result. The troop record can be used for other adults to re-check the deficiency. Scout should bring their copies to future reviews.


  • New parents are encouraged to take part in training and observe other board members in order to learn the process and objectives.

Merit Badges Process

  • Get a copy of the merit badge book (either purchase from the Scout Shop, borrow from a friend, borrow from the Troop library - make certain it is the current version of the merit badge book. You can check online at to see the most current version's date
  • Read the entire merit badge book
  • Get a signed blue card from the Rank Advancement Chair
  • Contact / meet the Merit Badge Counselor to find out how he / she would like for your to fulfill the requirements (Full Class A uniform)
  • Complete the requirements of the merit badge
  • Make an appointment with the Merit Badge counselor to review your completed requirements
  • Fill out the Scout's portion of the Blue Card: Scout name, Address, Troop, District, Council
  • Meet with Merit Badge Counselor to get signed off all successfully completed requirements (Full Class A uniform)
  • When all requirements have been signed off, turn two portions of the merit badge card to the Rank Advancement Chair (the merit badge counselor will keep the counselors portion of the card - the 3rd part of the blue card).
  • Receive your Blue Card and Badge at the next Court of Honor
  • Keep your completed Blue Card in a safe place - it will be required when you submit your Eagle Scout application to District for final review (the blue card is your proof of earning the merit badge, NOT the patch.)

Database Update

We update our database (which in turn is used to update the BSA national database) once a month (first Monday) for the rank advancement complete by the scout in previous months.

  • For this purpose scout books will be collected first Monday of every month to record any new completed requirements
  • From this we also generate monthly rank advancement report for designated adult leaders
  • Scribe (a scout) collects the attendance of every scout in each meeting. Outing coordinators provide who all attended a particular outing. All this is also recorded and used for rank advancement.
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