Trail To 1st Class Meeting - February 2008

Date: February 25th, 2008 7:00 PM (alongside Regular Troop Meeting)
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Coordinator: Maha Sadras
Audience: 1st Year and 2nd Year Parents (soon to be 2nd and 3rd year parents!!!)


This is an attempt for us to find out how you and your scout are settling down in our troop and also to get some feedback from you. We will also try to answer questions/concerns that you may have regarding your scout,the troop's activities/policies, etc.

Please plan on attending this meeting as your opinion and feedback is very valuable for the 'good health' and progress of our dear Troop 693. Hopefully it will also benefit you and your boy in your scouting experience with us.

Thank you and hope to see you there.

Advancement Opportunities

Past / Future Activity Date
Scout Rank 03/14/2007
Tenderfoot Requirements (Fitness, Flag, etc.) 1st Meeting 03/27/2007
Tenderfoot Requirements (Fitness followup, Knots) 2nd Meeting 04/28/2007
Swimming Merit Badge 04/29/2007
Firestone Camp Adventure Outing - June 2007 (Nature Requirements / Lashing) 06/23/2007 - 06/24/2007
Summer Camp - July 2007 2nd Class / Board of Review 07/08/2008 - 07/14/2008
Orienteering Training (2nd Year scouts) 08/19/2007
Orienteering Training - March 2008 03/15/2008

Advancement Housekeeping

  • Merit Badge folder
  • Merit Badge stash
  • Uniform Update
  • Scout Encouragement:
    • Talk to leaders
    • Signatures right after activity, do not wait too long
    • Read handbook - be aware of advancement opportunities
    • Work with buddy
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