Summer Camp - July 2011

Start Date: Sunday, July 10th , 2011 10:00 AM
End Date: Saturday, July 16th, 2011 2:00 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: San Pedro, Catalina Terminal, Berth 95
Location: Emerald Bay located on Catalina Island
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip Emerald Bay Summer Camp Registration
Coordinator: Christina Preciado
Cost: $550
Things to bring: Camping Checklist
Participants: Scouts: 36 Adult: 4
a) Take CA-91 West
b) Merge onto I-110 South (Harbor Freeway) to San Pedro
c) Merge onto CA-47 North (Vincent Thomas BR/Terminal Island/Long Beach)
d) Immediately move to the far right lane to Exit Harbor Blvd.
e) Stay on the Middle Lane, which will take you right into Berth 95 parking. (You will pass Harbor Blvd)
i. Parking is free for the first hour, and $1.00 extra for each additional hour. $12 max
ii. Once you enter parking at Berth 95, a sign with a left arrow will direct you to the Catalina Terminal (Red Letters)
iii. Parking is to your left. I will be there early to check in Troop 693 scouts as well as meet with Emerald Bay Staff who will be checking in all BSA Troops.

Pre-summer camp orientation

  • May 17th, 2011 - Cerritos High School- Room 704 7:00 PM
  • June 2nd, 2011 - Liberty Park -Washington Room 7:00 PM

Emerald Bay

  1. It is time to sign up for Summer Camp 2011. We are headed to Camp Emerald Bay located on Catalina Island.
  2. Check your calendars and reserve your spot starting December 6, 2010.
  3. Summer Camp is scheduled for July 10th – July 16th, 2011. Please be sure that you are able to attend, as the deposit is NOT-REFUNDABLE.
  4. Check out the camp at
  5. Reservation deposit of $100 is due by January 7th, 2011.
  6. Cost per scout is approximately $550. This amount is based on 30 scout/4 adults attending

When you Arrive

  1. Check in with Christina Preciado to make sure all forms are turned in and complete. Will be handing out a ribbon to tie onto your duffle bag with Troop 693 on it and will have duct tape as well. If your scout needs medication for seasickness, I will need permission from parents to give any medication before we leave after checking in your scout.
  2. Check in any Medication with Phil Working. Any medication you are sending for a scout needs to be brought in a ZIP LOCK BACK in ORIGINAL BOTTLE with INSTRUCTIONS LABELED.
  3. Check in Envelope with Spending Money with Frances Gorospe. Make sure your money is in small denominations $1, and $5 bills, we are not making change for you- (approximately $75 -$85, this includes money for Merit Badge Class kits if needed)

Job Roles

SPL: Brian Hsiang
ASPL: Curtis Cha

Scout Master: Chad Hoang
Medical Leader: Phil Working
Banker: Frances Gorospe – Bank opening TBD
Summer Camp Coordinator: Christina Preciado

Last Minute-Camp Emerald Bay Reminders

  1. Be sure you follow packing list handed out to you at the summer camp meeting. Please see Christina Preciado if you have specific questions. Label all your personal belongings with the owner’s name and unit number (T693)- Duct tape on BAG with Name and Troop 693. I will be bringing some bright ribbon to tie to your bag so that all our troop bags are noticeable. Be sure you are able to carry anything you bring- Duffel Bag 13” x 14” x 14”
  2. Many of you will be bringing you scout book, please be sure you make copies of any rank advancements pages that you have completed, just in case in gets lost or wet.
  3. Extra Plastic Grocery Bag to carry on your person, just in case you get seasick. Parent when checking in with Ms. Preciado I need a signed permission to give Non- Drowsy-Dramamine or Bonine in case of sea sickness on the return trip. If your scout is prone to sea sickness, I suggest the following:
          1. Diet - to start off with, eat "safe" foods for about a day before boarding (nothing acidic, spicy or fatty) … and don't over indulge. Eating a light "safe" meal before you board will also help reduce the risk and/or effects of seasickness.
          2. Over the counter medication (usually causes some drowsiness) - to be taken 1-2 hours before boarding. The most recommended are pills with the active ingredient meclizine (less-drowsy Dramamine, Bonine, Antivert)
  4. Something different this year is that each scout is required to bring their own mess kit/ dry sack
  5. you will need two envelopes with spending money.
          1. For Camp Emerald Bay (Merit Badge Class fees if yours has one -check your merit badge, merit badge kits available at trading post ($6-$20, depending on project),
          2. Extra spending Money (Make sure your money is in small denominations $1, and $5 bills, we are not making change for you)- (approximately $75 -$85)
          3. for Lunch bring your own sack lunch on 7/10/11 (Make sure you eat very light that day, specially if you are one to get seasick) or some cash to buy food there before you port (be careful though what you eat)
          4. You will also need to bring an addressed stamped envelope to write a letter home when we get to camp. You should have a notebook with paper in it and something to write with (pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener)
  6. Merit Badge Books and Worksheets downloaded ( and Pre-requisite form signed showing verification of completion. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO CHECK REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR MERIT BADGE YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR.
          1. Merit Badge Prerequisite Form- If you plan on taking any Aqua MB i.e (Canoeing, Lifesaving, Motor Boating, Rowing, etc) Swimming MB is required, Camping MB (Requirement 9A, 9B), Energy MB (Requirement 4A, 4B), and SCUBA (Padi Online Course(via Malibu Divers), you will be required to have MB Prerequisite Form signed and turned in to your merit badge instructor on the first day of class.

NOTE: MOTORBOATING AND SMALL BOAT SAILING-Requires Swimming and Lifesaving MB and either Rowing or Canoeing MB. You must show verification of all required.

Mailing Address

If parents would like to send a special package to a scout while you are up at camp:
(MAKE SURE YOU SEND IT BY 7/8/11 OR 7/9/11)- To make sure it arrives to camp before we return to San Pedro on 7/16/11.
Name of Person (to whom you are sending letter/package) and Troop#, Council, Session#
Camp Emerald Bay, BSA
P.O. Box 5066
Avalon, CA 90704-5066

U.P.S, DHL and Fed Ex Air Delivery for packages:
Name of Person (to whom you are sending letter/package) and Troop#, Council, Session#
Camp Emerald Bay, BSA
1 Cove Road
Avalon, CA 90704-5066

Additional Packing Instructions

  1. NO ELECTRONICS allowed at camp including cell phones. You can bring cards (standard deck, Monopoly cards, Phase Ten, UNO ect.), checkers, chess are okay.
  2. Knives can only be carried by scouts that have their totin chip card or are working on wood carving merit badge.
  3. We will be arriving to camp in Full Class A uniform. Please come dressed in your Full Class A with your green T-shirt underneath. You might want to bring your shirt on a hanger and put it on once we get there. The hanger will allow you to hang up your shirt in your tent when you are not wearing it. All other times at camp scouts must be in green Class B troop t-shirts. Contact Victor Hsiang if you need to purchase more green t-shirts. All Adults attending camp should also have Full Class A and B uniform as well.
  4. Items not on packing list that scouts should bring:
          1. Water Bottle or Nalgene Bottle and a Small Back Pack to carry your Merit Badge Books Worksheet, and writing materials etc. or you may carry a Hydration Pack. Full Brim Hat, Lip balm, Sun glasses, Personal First Aid Kit.

Information for Scouts

What are you most excited about coming to Emerald Bay for? Sailing through the breathtaking marine winds? Mountain biking along the cliff-side trails? What about spotting that 2,000 pound Bison over there? Whatever your Scouting desires are, you will not find a place anywhere like Emerald Bay to experience them. We are excited to have you join our camp staff and remarkable facility as you embark on a week you will never forget.

Not knowing what to expect?

  • Besides merit badges, there are plenty of things to participate in at Emerald Bay during your free time. Here is a sneak peak:
  • Mile swim – Think you have what it takes to pass this high endurance test? Try it at 6:00 in the morning. It’s a great time to jump in the ocean!
  • Buffalo Run - A three-mile walk/run/crawl to an exclusive beach and back before breakfast.
  • Doctor’s Cove Snorkeling – Come down to Doctor’s with a buddy and you might spot a four foot long black sea bass!
  • Open House at the Aquarium - Explore the marine center. See and touch a live shark!
  • Star Hikes – Explore the night sky above and see it reflected in the crystal waters below!
  • Aquacade- Aqua madness! Head to the waterfront for fun with your troop and compete in our camp-wide games. Help your troop win the coveted Aquacade trophy!
  • Qualifying Shoots – Looking to improve your skills as a marksman? Come on over to our state-of-the-art Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun ranges for some free-shooting time.

Information for Scoutmasters and Adult Leaders

Leaders Guide 2011 found at Link

Activities for Leaders

Adult Leaders may be wondering what activities are available to them while they are at camp. Luckily, your week will be just as full (and then some) as that of your Scouts. Here are a few of the program offerings you can partake in.

  • Bike rides - Monday, Thursday, and Friday 9-12:00 @ Bike Shop
  • Stop by the bike shop anytime in this period to borrow a bike for island exploring!
  • Leaders’ Kayaking & Fishing – 1st, 2nd, 3rd session daily @ Waterfront
  • Everyone can do this 4th session. Only leaders can do it other sessions!
  • Leaders’ Shoot - Tues-Thurs, 5th session @ Field Sports
  • Come down to field sports to do some shooting!
  • Dutch Oven Cook-off - Friday 1-2:30 PM @ Campfire Circle

We supply the basics, you supply the extra deliciousness. Bring any ingredients you desire to make your own culinary classic. Guest judges will vote a pick a winner, which will be announced at Saturday morning breakfast. Only one entry per troop please.


Please click here to see Emerald Bay Scout Handout

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