Summer Camp July 2007

Start Date: July 8th, 2007 9:00 AM
End Date: July 14th, 2007 2:00 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Circle X at Bighorn, Lake Arrowhead
Forms Needes: Troop 693 Permission Slip, Medical Form
Coordinator: Maria Gomez, Teresa, Eric Stigler
Cost: $250 per scout
Last Date to Signup: January 29th, 2007 (with $100 deposit)
Things to bring: Camping Checklist
Theme: Western Cowboy

Preliminary Meeting I : May 29th Tuesday 7:00 PM, CPE, Parents and Scouts should attend.
Preliminary Meeting II: June 25th Monday 7:00 PM CPE, Parents and Scouts should attend. (All Merit Badge Information is Due. We will be seeling extra green Troop T-Shirts)


This is are great opportunity to enjoy Summer Camp experience at Circle X at Big Horn. We will be traveling to Circle X at Bighorn, Lake Arrowhead via personal automobiles, so we will need drivers. They offer a large range pf Merit Badges along with other great activities for all ages.

Signup now; there are limited spaces for both scouts and adults. Scout spaces will be filled on first-come first-serve basis. Adult's spaces will be filled up on and as needed basis (we currently have 7 slots, but spaces may be given to scouts). Adult leaders are free. You must be registered and a have a current physician will no exceptions.

If you cancel you will loose the deposit.


There is a public pay telephone at Camp for use by campers. There is also a business telephone in Camp for business purposes and emergencies. This phone number is (909) 337-2121. Important incoming phone calls for campers will be accepted on the business phone and message will be relayed to the Troop Leader. The call back must be made from public pay telephone. It may take a while for the message to get to the Troop Leader, please be patient. The business / emergency phone cannot be tied up for personal calls.

Sending Mail

Sending Mail to the Campers:
<Scouts Name> or <Adult Leader's Name>
<Troop Number>
Circle X Ranch at Big Horn
Forest Lawn Scout Reservation
P. O Box 8
Cedar Glen, CA 92321-0008

Mail Early: Mail delivery is often slow in reaching the Camp. We suggest that the mail be sent before campers leave for Camp or immediately after they arrive at Camp.

<Scouts Name> or <Adult Leader's Name>
<Troop Number>
Circle X Ranch at Big Horn
C/O Camp Ranger
Forest Lawn Scout Reservation
29485 Hook Creek Road
Cedar Glen, CA 92321-0008

Please Note: Delivery C/O Camp Ranger must specify 'No Signature Required for Delivery'

Notes by Eric Aune

On Friday at Camp they have a western theme. They encourage everyone to dress in Western type clothes. Cowboy hats, jeans and things like that. If any of the scouts and adults wish to dress that way for Friday at Camp, please be sure they have that stuff packed. Just so you know, I am bringing my western wear.

Make sure that you have the talent releases and permission slips signed.

Be sure to bring a sack lunch for Sunday. We are trying to get up there by 1pm which is the earliest that we can check in. If we get up there a little earlier, then we will pull over somewhere and have lunch before going into camp.

Bring meds in the original container, one of the adult leaders will be in charge of them, except for inhalers and for those who have severe allergies and need to carry an epi pen the scout will carry them.

Bring you spending money in an envelope in $5 amounts. $35 - $40 should be fine plus bring any extra money needed for craft and Merit Badge supplies. The costs are listed in the Summer Camp packet. One of the adults will be the banker and scouts can withdraw money once a day in the morning at camp. The banker will not open and close the bank whenever a scout needs money. So be sure when you withdraw money, that you get the spending money you want for the trading post, and any Merit Badge or Craft supplies you might need for the day.

Be sure that everyone under 1st class brings their handbook with them, but photocopy the pages first in case it gets lost.

Electronics (games, mp3, cells phones, etc) can be brought for the ride up to camp, but they are not allowed in camp. If it is brought into camp, then I will take it away, lock it in my car and return it when we get back to Carmenita next Saturday.

There are some of the boys who enjoy collectable card games (Yu-Gi- Oh, Magic, etc.). I will not tell you that you can't bring them with you, however, if I see anyone playing these games, when they should be doing Merit Badge or Rank Advancement work, I will take them away and return them to you when we get back to Carmenita on Saturday.

Wear your green shirts and swim trunks under you Class A uniform (except Merit Badge sashes), so that we can quickly get ready for the swim check. Also have your towel on top of everything in your bag, so that you can get to it quickly. If you are an OA member, bring your sash for the OA fellowship on Monday evening.

Okay, I think I have covered everything. Any questions either call me or email me back, and I will try to address it.

Merit Badges

Scout Period I Period II Period III Period IV Period V
Scout-94-BH Nature First Aid Cinematography Animal Science Crime Prevention
Scout-93-KB Nature Bird Study Reptile/Amphibian Environmental Science Forestry
Scout-96-GB Pottery First Aid Reptile/Amphibian
Scout-95-MC Basketry Environmental Science Leatherwork Insect Study
Scout-96-CC Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian Canoeing
Scout-96-KC Geology Environmental Science Art
Scout-94-KC Emergency Preparedness Bird Study Soil & Water Conservation Insect Study Forestry
Scout-93-MC Emergency Preparedness Bird Study Soil & Water Conservation Communications Forestry
Scout-93-MC2 Emergency Preparedness Bird Study Soil & Water Conservation Communications Forestry
Scout-96-BC Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian Mammal Study
Scout-94-AC Safety Camping Metalwork Lifesaving Lifesaving
Scout-94-VD Lifesaving Lifesaving Safety First Aid Metalwork
Scout-96-RC Fishing Environmental Science Canoeing
Scout-94-BH Lifesaving Lifesaving Metalwork Environmental Science Home Repairs
Scout-96-EH Safety Environmental Science First Aid
Scout-94-AJ Archery Archery Safety First Aid Woodcarving
Scout-96-SL Rifle Shooting Reptile/Amphibian Canoeing
Scout-96-TN Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian Art
Scout-95-ND Leatherwork Environmental Science Photography First Aid Woodcarving
Scout-94-PP Emergency Preparedness Camping Music Wilderness Survival Woodcarving
Scout-96-CP Astronomy Reptile & Amphibian Environmental Science
Scout-94-NS Emergency Preparedness Camping Music Communications Metalwork
Scout-96-VS Safety Environmental Science Canoeing
Scout-96-AS Environmental Science Safety Canoeing
Scout-96-ES Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian Art
Scout-94-JT Emergency Preparedness Bird Study Soil & Water Conservation Insect Study Forestry
Scout-96-JV Cinematography Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian
Scout-92-AW Camping Metalwork Communications
Scout-96-EY Canoeing Environmental Science Reptile/Amphibian
Scout-96-SL2 Safety Reptile/Amphibian First Aid
Scout-96-PF Composite First Aid Metalwork

Campsite Schedule

Session I Session II Session III Session IV Session V
Scout-96-CC Scout-96-SL Scout-96-KC Scout-96-GB Scout-96-GB
Scout-96-BC Scout-96-SL2 Scout-96-RG Scout-96-JV Scout-96-CC
Scout-96-TV Scout-96-EH Scout-96-EY Scout-96-KC
Scout-96-CP Scout-96-VS Scout-96-PF Scout-96-BC
Scout-96-AS Scout-96-RG
Scout-96-ES Scout-96-EH


Senior Patrol Leader Scout-92-AW
Patrol Leader

Dragons Fox Light Bolts Pine Trees Scorpions Cobra
Scout-94-BH Scout-93-KB Scout-94-KC Scout-94-EP Scout-94-JT Scout-94-AJ
Scout-96-KC Scout-96-DN Scout-96-GB Scout-94-AC Scout-93-MC2 Scout-93-MC
Scout-96-VS Scout-96-SL Scout-96-PF Scout-96-RG Scout-95-MC Scout-95-VD
Scout-96-AS Scout-96-SL2 Scout-96-EH Scout-94-NS Scout-96-JV Scout-94-BH
Scout-96-ES Scout-9c-CP Scout-96-CC Scout-96-BC Scout-96-EY Scout-96-TN
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