Snow Trip Checklist

Ski Snowboard Clothing

  1. Ski/Snowboard clothes are recommended:
    1. Try to wear layered clothing and bring dry sets of clothing for change.
    2. Jeans are not recommended for skiing/snowboarding.

Things to Bring

  1. Long underwear
  2. Water repellant pants or bib pants
  3. Water repellant warm jacket
  4. Sweater and/or sweatshirt
  5. Wool or acrylic socks
  6. Snow gloves
  7. Knit hat or ski cap
  8. Ski goggles or sun glasses with strap
  9. Snow boots
  10. Sunscreen and Chap Stick
  11. Sleeping bag and pad (scouts must bring them)
  12. Trash bag for wet/dirty clothes
  13. Flashlight
  14. Fanny pack to carry personal items while skiing/snowboarding
  15. Chains for all vehicles
  16. Snow Helmet
  17. Money for lunch on Sat / Sun and Dinner Sun.
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