Snow Trip 2016

Start Date: Friday, January 15th ~3 PM
End Date: Sunday, January 17th ~4 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Pine Summit/Snow Summit - Big Bear Lake
Forms Needed: Permission Slip, Equip. rental form, (if skiing – Liability Release and Rental Guest info) 18 years and under must have parent/guardian signature.

Fill out all necessary forms and bring to January 4th, 2016 troop meeting.

Coordinator: James Ho, Jas Jahic
Cost: Scout $125, Sibling $175, Adult free
Last Date to Signup: January 7th, 2016
Things to bring:

  • Warm Clothing - Ski/Snowboard equipment Checklist
  • Spending money (Sunday/lunch, snacks, souvenir, $20-$40)

Flyer: Winter_Outing_2016_Fly

Online Sign-up Form:


Equipment rental price includes helmet – we advise everyone to wear – scouts are mandatory
Equipment rental price includes damage waiver – equipment repairable damage up to $350

Friday 1/15 - Meet at CMS 3pm, Drive to Pine Summit
Saturday 1/16 - Ski/Snowboard
Sunday 1/17 - Ski/Snowboard, home
5 meals includes - Friday/dinner - Saturday/breakfast/lunch/dinner - Sunday/breakfast
Sunday lunch not included - please have lunch money

What to wear:
REI provides an abundance of information
Please refer to below link on layering basics

Skiing for kids – how to get started

Snowboarding for kids – how to get started

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