Scout - William Chang

Leadership Positions

Den Chief (x3)
Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 1999
Tenderfoot Scout - 1999
Second Class Scout - 1999
First Class Scout - 2000
Star Scout - 2002
Life Scout - 2003
Eagle Scout - 2007

Special Awards

World Conservation Award
Den Chief Service Award

Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout Service Project took place at the Blessed Presbyterian Church in Buena Parks, CA. The main focus of my project was to repair the water damage done to the ceiling.

With the help of scouts and volunteers we repaired the ceiling and walls by doing drywall and painting. Over 400 hours of time went into planning and execution of this project; the church provided the materials and supplies needed to complete the project.

With the help from Mr. Aune and the scouts the project was a success and the church is now used everyday, providing a safer area for all the church members. Thank you again for all those who helped to make my project a success.

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