Scout - Richard Luu

Leadership Positions

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader (x2)
Assistant Patrol Leader (x2)

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 2001
Tenderfoot Scout - 2001
Second Class Scout - 2001
First Class Scout - 2002
Star Scout - 2002
Life Scout - 2003
Eagle Scout - 2006

Eagle Project

My Eagle Project took place at St. Mary’s Church. My project was to refurnish one of the rooms that were used to store materials goods that were donated to the church. This room allows people that are less fortunate to get whatever they need to survive. The room was not in very good condition when I first got there. All the material goods were scattered all over the floor, making it hard for people to find what they need.

In order for them to have easy access and for the church to have keep track of the materials that were donated, everything was cleaned out. We repainted the room to give it a brighter image, and rebuild shelves for better organization.

This project took two days to complete. On the first day, we put up the shelves. With the help of fellow scouts, scout leaders, parents, and friends, we were able to complete my Eagle Project, making the room more organized and easily accessible.

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