Scout - Michael Trieu

Leadership Positions

Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Assistant Patrol Leader
Den Chief (x3)

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 2001
Tenderfoot Scout - 2001
Second Class Scout - 2002
First Class Scout - 2002
Star Scout - 2003
Life Scout - 2003
Eagle Scout - 2006

Special Awards

SCUBA Certification
Den Chief Service Award

Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout Service Project took place on September 17, 2006 at The Eaton Canyon Nature Preserve and Recreation Area in Pasadena, CA. The main focus of my project was to construct a trail from the entrance of the park from the main street to Nature Canyon in Eaton Canyon along the road that leads into the park.

With the help of over 40 volunteers we constructed the trail by removing brush from alongside the road, placing rocks to clearly mark the train, and clearing all the weeds along the trail. In addition to constructing this trail, we clean up around the park and assisted in some gardening.

Over 450 hours of time went into planning and execution of this project and materials and supplies needed to complete the project where provided by Eaton Canyon.

With the help from Park Ranger Rene Gracia the project was huge success and the trail is now used everyday, providing a safer path into Eaton Canyon from all the neighboring visitors. Thank you gain for all those who helped me to make my project a success!

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