Scout - Joseph Moon

Leadership Positions

Chaplin Aid
Den Chief
Patrol Leader (2)

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 2003
Tenderfoot Scout - 2004
Second Class Scout - 2004
First Class Scout - 2005
Star Scout - 2006
Life Scout - 2008
Eagle Scout - 2010

Long Term

Whitewater Rafting - May 2007
Long Term Bike Ride - August 2009

Eagle Project

For my Eagle project on September 19,2009,I created wooden portable planter boxes for Artesia Middle School because they had an organized wood shop room School's Early Intervention Program. The project took place at Tetzlaff Middle School because they had an organized wood shop room and a dexterous teacher, Mr. George Everett, who was my assistant.

First the scouts and volunteers cut the long pieces of wood with hand saws. The wooden pieces were sanded and squared in order to fit perfectly with each other. They were then assembled with nails by scouts, adults, and other volunteers. Wheels were later attached to the boxes along with a handle to make the boxes more ergonomical. Lastly the boxes were sprayed with any anti-pruning seal seal to prevent the wood from rotting.

Although there were some minor improvisation, I was able to make 6 boxes on the day of my project. The project was a great success and I thank all the volunteers who came out to help.I give a special thank to Mr. George Everett, I could not have done this project without you!!

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