Scout - Jonathan Nagayama

Leadership Positions

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Assistant Patrol Leader

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 1999
Tenderfoot Scout - 1999
Second Class Scout - 1999
First Class Scout - 2000
Star Scout - 2001
Life Scout - 2001
Eagle Scout - 2006

Special Awards

Order of the Arrow
SCUBA Certification

Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was reproducing furniture that was from the Work War II Relocation Camp era. The project was to make furniture for a display inside the museum at the Manzanar National Historic Site, delivering the furniture, and helping restore some of the trails near the administration area on the site.

My project consisted of two parts, the first of which scouts and adult leaders came to my house to build the furniture, eight chairs, two tables, and a rocking chair. The rocking chair was constructed by looking at a photograph form the museum.

For the second part of my project, approximately 20 scouts and leaders traveled to Manzanar, about eight hour round-trip drive from Los Angeles, to deliver the furniture and clear the trails around the former administration area. While there, we also took a short visit in the museum.

In total, over 500 hours were logged working on my project between all of the people who participated.

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