Scout - Garrett Nishibayashi

Leadership Positions

Troop Guide
Patrol Leader
Den Chief
Troop Instructor

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 2001
Tenderfoot Scout - 2002
Second Class Scout - 2002
First Class Scout - 2002
Star Scout - 2003
Life Scout - 2003
Eagle Scout - 2008

Special Awards

Arrow of Light
Den Chief Service Award
Order of the Arrow
P.A.D.I. SCUBA Certification

Long Term Outings and Summer Camps

Emerald Bay Summer Camp 2001
Camp Whitsett Summer Camp 2002 *
Caving / White Water Rafting Long Term 2002
Emerald Bay Summer Camp 2003
Camp Whitsett Summer Camp 2004
Grand Canyon Backpack trip – Rim to River 2005
Cherry Valley Summer Camp 2005
Caving / White Water Rafting Long Term 2005
White Water Rafting / 100 Mile Cycling Long Term 2006
Philmont Trek – Cimmaron, New Mexico 2007

  • Evacuated due to forest fire

Eagle Project

Garrett’s Eagle Scout Community Service Project involved building 11 raised planter boxes, installing them, filling them with planting soil, laying down wood chips in the walkways between the planters, and installing a water system to establish the Yamazaki Memorial Community Garden at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, California. Over a 2 day period, 35 people put over 450 man hours of work to complete the project. The project was completed on May 28, 2006.

St. Mary’s Church applied for and received a City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Beautification Grant in the amount of $10,000. One of the requirements for the grant was to have volunteers contribute their time toward the completion of a project that would enhance the community. The building of the planters and irrigation system and the volunteer hours by the members of Troop 693, Garrett’s family, friends, and church members were an integral part of the overall community garden project and the fulfillment of the requirements of the Grant.

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