Scout - Ben Trieu

Leadership Positions

Assistant Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader (x2)
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Trail to Eagle

Scout - 2001
Tenderfoot Scout - 2001
Second Class Scout - 2002
First Class Scout - 2003
Star Scout - 2003
Life Scout - 2004
Eagle Scout - 2006

Special Awards

Bronze Eagle Palm
World Conservation Award

Eagle Project

My Eagle Project was held at the ranch of Pio Pico, one of California’s most remarkable historical figures. He had played an important role in the political and economical life of California. I received my project from Fred Andrews, a ranger who tends to Pio Pico State Park everyday.

In the back corner of the park laid and incomplete greenhouse, which was supposed to be completed months ago. But during the construction some people took a few panels, which had been screwed into framing. Later, the greenhouse collapsed due to unstable conditions. The park never rebuilt the greenhouse, and this is where I came in.

We repaired what was left of the previous greenhouse and worked off of old frame. With the help of Mr. Wang, a professional contractor and the father of one of our troop’s scout, we planned the reconstruction. Because Pio Pico has a limited budget, we used all of the resources already available.

At the time, the frame measurement were roughly 14’ x 20’ x 7’ high. For full stability, we used concrete bolts to bolt frame into the cement directly. After framing was complete, we built roof with 2” x 4” pieces of wood and covered it with shade cloth, which Pio Pico also provided.

I had great turnout – 15 scouts and 17 other friends and adults volunteered at my Eagle project. I spent a total of 283 hours planning and carrying out the Eagle project.

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