Rifle Shooting Shotgun - May 2011

Start Date: Saturday, May 14th, 2011 7:30am
End Date: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 5:00pm
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Los Angeles Rifle & Revolver Range and Triple B Shotgun Range in Whittier Narrows
Forms Needed: Permission-Slip.doc Authorization Consent Form, Triple-B-Consent.pdf
Coordinator: Mr. Charles Cho or Mr. Richard Gilliland
Cost: $50 Rifle / Rifle & Shotgun $135
Mandatory Safety Session: May 7th at 4pm at Mr. Richard Gilliland's house
Things to bring: Camping Checklist


Click Here for More Pictures from PICASA


We will be Rifle Shooting at the Los Angeles Rifle & Revolver Range on Saturday and camping Saturday night at Triple B Shotgun Range and Shot gun shooting on Sunday in Whittier Narrows.

Mandatory Safety Instruction Meeting
Saturday May 7th, at 4 PM
Mr. Richard Gilliland's house
19323 Bechard Avenue

Please click here to watch LARR Firearms Safety Briefing.

Double click on the image below to see full size version.

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