Process For Eagle Candidates Meeting June 2007

Date: June 14th, 2007 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Who should Attend: Parents


At Feb 2007 committee meeting it agreed to put into place a troop process where a scout, prior to coming to the Committee to present his Eagle project for approval, comes before a Board of Review and the Board will review the scouts' qualifications for Eagle Scout. The Board would determine whether the scout met qualifications for Eagle Scout or not. The scout would be provided feedback regarding areas where he may be lacking and given specific guidelines for improvement. The Board will be composed of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and Eagle Guide, with others as approrpriate.

A group of people (Abraham, Eric, Mark, Glenn and Gordon) had initial meeting last week to discuss a process and the guidelines of the Board of Review. It was not able to come up with the guidelines but agreed to have a meeting with entire troop parents.

At the meeting we will decide if the troop would adopt new process for Eagle Candidates. If so what guidelines would be recommended and when the process should be implemented, etc. All of troop parents are requested to attend and share your opinions/thoughts/ideas. Parents with Life scout must attend the meeting. It is important for all parents understand about new process. You son may be found lacking under guildelines if the process is adopted.


During the meeting the sub-commitee came up with Rank Advancements Guidelines which were ratifies in the full Committee Meeting - July 2007.

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