Planning Meeting - 2008

Date: Saturday, September 6th, 2008
Time: 10:00am followed by Calendar Meeting - 2008
Location: Sunshine Park
Coordinator: Eric Aune

So what is the Annual Planning Meeting?

It is the day where all of the Scouts get together and come up with ideas of what the monthly outings will be for the Troop in the upcoming year. The Scouts also determine what they want to do for the annual week long Long Term outing in the summer (in the past we have gone white water rafting & caving, we have gone whitewater rafting and cycling down the coast of California, we have hiked in the Sierras.) In the past, the Scouts have decided to hike the Grand Canyon over Spring break. This is the opportunity for the Scouts to determine what adventures they would like to have in the coming year.

To view the list of outing ideas please see Outings List. After the scouts finalize their choices, parents will work on completing the Troop 2008-2009 Calendar in Calendar Meeting - 2008.

It is also a day where the families of the Scouts gather together and have a picnic and play some games. So please plan to spend the day with the Troop that day.

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