Planning For Outing

Committee Meetings Plan

3 Months Before

  1. Location: Where, visit location, maps, time schedules (how far drive, how long hike etc.)

2 Months Before

  1. Administration: Permits, insurance, deposits (to campgrounds etc.), payments (to campgrounds, ski rentals etc.), budget, reservations.
  2. Flyers: To promote outing need to be passed out a meeting, make permission slips.
  3. Website: Post the details of the outin the website. The printout of the webpage can be used for the flyer.
  4. Safety: Local hospital, ranger's phone number, who's the first aid provider of the leaders
  5. Leaders: Agree on adult leader, who will actually be leading the outing. Recruit assistant leaders

1 Month Before

  1. Transportation: Recruit drivers, maps, Think: Trailers? how will we haul equipment, type of equipment.
  2. Program: Adult volunteer and scoutmaster and rand advancement chair and adult leader need to discuss what goes on in camp (if downtime) after hike, bike ride, etc. and plan. Check to make sure Chaplin aide is taking care of Sundays scouts own. Campfire plans?
  3. Equipment: List needs to be given to scouts as to special equipment (tire repair, water shoes, etc.) can be included on the initial flyer.

Regular Meetings Plan

8 Weeks Prior

  1. Pass out the flyer promoting the outing.
  2. Create a fill in info on sign-up folder in scout box.

7 Weeks Prior

  1. Take out signup folder.
  2. Start Collecting money.
  3. Start talking to scouts about special gear they might need.

6-5-4 Weeks Prior

  1. Collect money from scouts.
  2. Pass out and start collecting permission slips.

4 Weeks Prior

Plan with scoutmaster ahead of time

  1. Plan a demonstration: How to change tire, how to pack backpack, how to put skis, how to mount a horse etc.
  2. If no demonstrations are needed then maybe scouts can go over terminology for particular outing: review compass map reading, trail safety and etiquette, fire safety, sailing knots, shipboard terms, ski terms (paralleling) anything to help prepare them for outing. Activity should try to be hands on, scouts get very tired just being lectured on.

3 Weeks Prior

  1. Collect money and permission slips.
  2. Patrol Leaders should make list of which scouts are participating.
  3. Plan menus: designate who will purchase food.
  4. Adults need to decide how they are doing menus: ope person buys all or each adult will plan and buy one meal?

2 Weeks Prior

  1. Last day for permission slips and forms.
  2. Duty roster forms by patrol leaders collected by SPL and given to SPL going on outing)
  3. Quartermaster request forms collected by scout quartermaster)

1 Week Prior

  1. Patrol plans for entertainment for outing
  2. Maybe Patrols can do a funny skit on what not to do or bring at this outing
  3. Last minute instructions, pass out maps for drivers, outline of weeks activities for adults and SPL.

For other forms and preparation checklist refer to

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