Personal Management Merit Badge 2010

Personal Management – Saturday, April 17, 2010
1pm to 4pm – Mr. Nishibayashi’s House

Should be First Class and 14 years of age or older

Read the entire Merit Badge book and complete all requirements prior to coming to the merit badge session

What to Bring:

  • Bring a Calculator.
  • Bring a copy of the most current merit badge pamphlet.
  • Merit Badge worksheet where you have written what you have done to fulfill the requirements (available at www.MeritBadge.Com)
  • Bring Paper and Pencil
  • Bring a Blue Card completed with your name and address and signed by a Troop leader
  • Wear Full Class A Uniform

Be Prepared:

  • If you are prepared, you will be able to complete all requirements except Req. 2 (3 month budget) and Req. 8 (Weekly time log)
  • If you are not prepared, then you will be sent home (REALLY REALLY)

Requirement 1:
Write up the key discussion points of your family meeting. Include a description of your goal, cost of the goal (show the components of cost of your goal e.g., if a trip - airfare, hotel, rental car, food, etc.) and how you will achieve your goal (e.g., how will you save the funds required to achieve your goal).

Have your parent(s) sign verifying that you held the discussion (include date and how long the conversation lasted.)

Requirement 2: Bring your budget. You will need to track your actual income and expenditures for 13 consecutive weeks. At the end of 13 weeks, show what you planned (budgeted) to receive as income and spend vs. what you actually received and spent.

Requirement 3: Read the requirements and be prepared to discuss in detail

Requirement 4: Read the requirements and be prepared to discuss in detail

Requirement 5: Bring the business section from the newspaper or go online and look up 5 different publicly traded stocks and show current price, previous day price, and 52 week high / low.

Requirement 6: Read the requirements and be prepared to discuss in detail

Requirement 7: Read the requirements and be prepared to discuss in detail

Requirement 8: Bring your 7 day “to do list” and your journal for the 7 days. You will need to show how much time you planned to spend on each task and how much time you actually spent on the task.

Requirement 9: Bring your written project plan. Project plan should include a list of tasks to complete as well as timeline (dates when things must get done.) Also, a list of all materials and supplies you will need. Prepare a Budget that shows the cost of completing your project. If you are working on your Eagle Project, what you have done to prepare for your Project will fulfill this requirement. For those of you who are Life Scouts, this is a good way of getting started on your Eagle Project.

Requirement 10: Be prepared to discuss the career you researched. Talk about the educational requirements and if there are any special certifications you must achieve to be successful in that career. Be prepared to talk about the qualities you have that will help you be successful in that career.

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