Personal Management Merit Badge - 2008

Next Meeting Date: We have now had two group sessions. From this point forward, it is up to you to make individual appointments to complete the remaining requirements. Remember to track and record your income and expenses daily in a log - you must do this for 3 months (13 weeks).

For requirement 1, have your parents sign saying that you had your family discussion.

2nd Meeting Date: Sunday, September 21 4PM
Location: Nishibayashi residence

Be prepared to discuss Requirement 7 and to review your progress on Requirement 2 - tracking of your income and expenses versus your budget.

Remember: You must submit your proposed budget of income and expenses and get it approved by Mr. Nishibayashi before you begin tracking your actual income and expenses for the 13 week period.

Start Date: Saturday, August 30th 8AM
End Date: Minimum 3 months from start date
1st Meeting: Nishibayashi's residence
Coordinator: Glenn Nishibayashi
Last Date to Signup: August 25th


Due to the concepts that you must learn for this merit badge, I have found that those Scouts who are 14 years of age or older benefit the most from what they learn from this merit badge.

  • Please be certain that you have a copy of the most current Personal Mgmt merit badge book
  • Read the entire merit badge book BEFORE coming to the session on September 6th
  • Be prepared to discuss the concepts in requirements 4,5,6, and 7.
  • Bring a copy of your 13 week budget of income and expenses (Requirement 2) - think about what you will spend money on (expenses) and the sources of your income for the next 3 months
  • Come prepared to discuss requirement 3
  • Bring a copy of the business section of the newspaper that contains stock quotes
  • Bring your "To Do" list and your 7-day by hour plan of your days (probably best to have your week be after school starts)
  • Bring a Blue Card signed by Mrs. Gomez
  • Bring paper, pencil, and calculator
  • Please remember, this is a 3 month commitment

Our first session will run from 8am to 10am. Please be on timeā€¦.remember, this is Personal Management merit badge

Sign up by putting a comment below with your first name and last name initial e.g., "Glenn N would like to attend"

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