Personal Fitness Merit Badge Class July 2007

Start Date: July 8th, 2007 2:00PM
Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Sunshine Park
Coordinator: Glenn Nishibayashi, Merit Badge Counselor
Who: 2nd year Scout and above
Worksheets: Word, PDF

Requirement before 8th July

  1. Get a copy of latest Personal Fitness Merit Badge Book - 2007.
  2. Read the entire Merit Badge book (cover to cover).
  3. Get Blue Card and bring to our first session.
  4. Must have a current BSA Medical form on file.

If you done have these completed by July 8th you will not be allowed to start the Merit Badge - 'BE PREPARED'

Come Prepared to:

  1. Run a mile (you'll need to have shoes that you can run in).
  2. Do the Strength and Fitness tests

Note: To successfully complete the Merit Badge, you need to be committed to doing this Merit Badge for the next 12 weeks. If requires that you develop a fitness plan and stick to it for 12 consecutive weeks.


In response to a request from Troop 72, I'm beginning a Personal Fitness Merit badge class. I'm opening this up to Scouts in our Troop also. Our first session will be Sunday, July 8th at 2pm at Sunshine Park. I'm limiting this to Scouts who are 2nd year and above since the group from Troop 72 is a very large group (17 Scouts) (They are also limited to 2nd year and above.) Please reinforce with the Scouts that if they do not complete the requirements listed below by the time we meet July 8th, I will not allow them to start i.e., I'll send them home.

Please understand that this is a 12-week commitment on the part of the Scouts…even if they are going on vacation, they will need to do the fitness program that they will design (which shouldn't be a problem…you can still run and do sit ups and push ups wherever you are in the world)

Anyhow, just wanted to let everyone know of this opportunity.

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