Orienteering - November 2008

Vital Statistics

Location: Cerritos Regional Park
Date/Time: November 2, 2pm to 5pm
Uniform: Class B (693 Green Tee-shirts)
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip
Coordinator: Terry Domae, Maha Sadras
Maps and Instructions: Will be Provided at the Park
Last Date to Signup: October 31, 2008, (first day to signup will be on September 15th after this page is complete)
Weather: If rain is forecast, we will reschedule this event
Things to bring: Compass, Pencil, Ruler, 8.5 x 11" work surface (see notes below) with Large rubber bands or all plastic clip, Water, Wide Brimmed Hat, Sunblock, Whistle

Be Prepared

  • Please read the following pages in the Scout Handbook prior to coming. Pages: 66-74, 118-125.
  • Practice your pacing. Measure out 100' in front of your house on the sidewalk, and walk the 100' until you have a consistent number of paces. You should know how many of your steps it takes to walk 100 feet.
  • Practice measuring the height of a tree in front of your house using the various methods described in the handbook.
  • Practice measuring the width of the street in front of your house using the various methods described in the handbook.
  • How close was your estimate?

There is the national orienteering day coming up on September 21 See some details at the LA Orienteering website. You may want to try the real sport of orienteering - if so, the LA orienteering club website is the place to visit to get started.

I'll post some additional links on compass use here before the end of September.

Please add your FIRST NAME and PATROL (e.g., FRED-Fox patrol) as a comment if you would like to signup. DONOT use your full name.

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