New Scout

Welcome to Troop 693. We meet for our regular troop meeting at Carmenita Middle School. We are all excited to see you there. We hope you all will enjoy your time with us over the next several years. We will be starting to get ready for our upcoming outings. To start with, we have some rank advancements planned where will take care of some requirements. Also more chances for rank advancement will present themselves in future.

We have some other exciting outings planned for the year, check out our Calendar for what's coming up.

We will be putting together an Adult Orientation that will coincide with regular troop meeting. While the boys are in the meeting, you will be at another classroom learning more about how the Boy Scouts are run generally and our troop particularly. We will go over advancement, troop organization, outings, equipment, etc. The last of the meetings will be a session on getting Youth Protection training. So don't go out and start buying stuff until we have given you ideas of what to buy and what not to buy. We don't want you wasting money on something that just won't cut it.

For the uniform, if you wish to use the ones they have now, just take everything off that denotes Cub Scouts and get it ready for Boy Scouts. If you wish to keep it with the Cub insignia and get a new one that is fine also. All that should be on the uniform shirt should be US Flag patch, Purple World Brotherhood of Scouting patch, Council shoulder patch, Troop number patch that the boys got last night, and the Arrow of Light patch (Sewn on below the left pocket), Red Shoulder loops instead of Blue, Scout Neckerchief Slide, Green Scout Belt. You will notice that I don't mention a hat, do not go out and buy a Scout ball cap, that is not part of our uniform requirements. Check out the Scout Resources page for links on where to buy things.

Forms: For the paperwork, some things to take care. Because we are a high adventure troop, we require a yearly medical form for everyone participating with the troop, adult and youth. We have this requirement because it is a Boy Scout requirement for any High Adventure activity and since we are a high adventure group and have High Adventure activities every year, we require it for everyone going on outings. We also require one adult from each family to be registered as an adult leader with the troop along with each scout, so we will need to get some paperwork done when you show up on March 3. Because you are registered with the troop as leader, that doesn't mean we expect you to be a uniformed leader in the troop, like Assistant Scoutmaster or something like that. We just want one adult from each family to be registered with Boy Scouts as a troop leader. If you can get the Class 3 medical taken care of before the 2nd meeting, that would be great. Otherwise we will need it before the boys go on their first outing with the troop. All forms can be downloaded from forms page.

As you join this new and exctiting world of scouting, this will be intesting to read One Hundred Scouts

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