Merit Badge

How to Earn a Merit Badge

Start with the Merit Badge Requirements Book. Look it over and decide on a badge you would like to earn.

  1. Obtain a Merit Pamphlet for that badge either by borrowing one from the Troop Librarian or by buying one at the Scout Store. Read and study the pamphlet from cover to cover.
  2. Obtain a signed “Blue Card” from the Advancement Chairperson.
  3. Next get a list of local merit badge counselors for your chosen badge from the Advancement Chairperson or the Scoutmaster.
  4. Contact the counselor by phone and let him/her know you are just starting to work on the badge. Ask if there is anything special you need to know. If the badge requires one or more projects, ask if your ideas for the project are okay.
  5. Work and finish all the requirements. Remember you must show proof that you have completed each requirement. If you get stuck, call the counselor and ask for help.
  6. After completing all requirements, call the counselor and set up an appointment with him/her to show and demonstrate your results.
  7. Once you have passed all requirements, have the counselor fill out all three sections of your “Blue Card”. He/she will keep one section for his/her records and give back to you the remaining two sections.
  8. At the next Troop meeting or activity turn in your two remaining “Blue Card” sections to the Advancement Chairperson. Your merit badge, a Merit Badge Card and the Blue Card Applicant’s Record will be presented to you at the next Court of Honor. After you have earned your first merit badge(s) you can purchase a Merit Badge Sash at the Scout Store to wear at all formal Scout functions.

For merit badge requirements please visit Once in the website, type the merit badge you are looking for in the left hand side search box to the requirements page.

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