Mandatory Storage Bin Cleanup

When: Sunday, April 17th,2016

Time: 1:00 pm~5:00 pm

Location: Meet at the back parking lot of Carmenita Middle School (Enter from Carmenita Rd)

Uniform: Class C - Green T-shirt

What to bring: Full brim hat, closed toe shoes, water bottle

We are performing our annual bin clean-up to clean out old inventory and make sure our current equipment are clean and functional. Please plan to attend.

There were questions on Why we are doing this. We need to have good working tents, stoves and cookware. We will need all scouts to show up and work together. Please check in with your patrol leader to make sure everyone in your patrol shows up. Jaguar patrol check with your troop guides at they are your acting patrol leaders.

If you have ANY equipment tents, patrol box you need to turn it in. The less you have in stock in the bin the less we have to use. Besides it takes up extra space in your garage or house.

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