Mandatory Parent Signup Meeting 2012

Dear T693 parents:

Monday 9/24 is a dark Monday for Scouts, however, we'll have a mandatory PARENT meeting to discuss 2013 activities. We'll meet at Carmenita Middle High 7:00pm.

In this meeting, we'll talk about:

List of activities/outings scouts picked for calendar year 2013. The calendar has been post on the troop website calendar-2013.
Solicit volunteers to coordinate these activities/outings. And yes, YOU can make a significant contribution to the success of our troop by coordinating these outings. Please take a look at the calendar, every event needs at least one or more coordinators, including annual activities such as Camporee, Green and Gold, CHOC walk, and Scouting for Food.

As you know, these outing ideas are from our scouts, so it is up to us, the parents, to make them successful for all of our scouts to enjoy, to learn new skills, and have great scouting experiences that will stay with them for many years to come.

It is recommended that the coordinators participate the event they are coordinating—this will make the planning and execution of the event easier. So, please take a look at the events ahead of this meeting and determine which event(s) you would like to participate and to help coordinate.

Remember, you do NOT need prior experience to coordinate these outings. In our troop, we have plenty of experienced parents who can help you through the process. If needed, we can team you up with parents who have previous experiences in similar outings.

After we've elected event coordinators, we'll schedule an orientation meeting to go over the planning process, the things to prepare, and the paperworks.

Thank you for volunteering,

Jay Chiang
Outing Coordinator

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