Loring Hughes Memorial Flagpole

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2009 2:00 PM Scouts to show up in Full Class A at 12:00 noon

As I proudly shared with you last week, the Cerritos City Council has approved our Troop's donation of the Loring Hughes Memorial Flagpole at Sunshine Park. They are providing a wonderful site at the Park and have graciously agreed to provide for and coordinate its installation.

On Sunday, February 8, 2009, the 99th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America,Troop 693 will for the first time present the Colors by raising a United States Flag that has flown over the US Capital in Washington, DC and a California State Flag that has flown over the State Capital in Sacramento, California.

We are planning a wonderful dedication ceremony that we hope will include 100% participation of our entire Troop 693 as well as Cerritos Troops 72, 394 and 1005 all in full uniform, along with our former Scoutmasters and Eagle Scouts. We will also be inviting the Mayor and other members of the Cerritos City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission, County Supervisor Don Knabe, State Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, State Senator Alan Lowenthal and Congresswomen Linda Sanchez.

Formal invitations will be mailed out in January, 2009. However, we ask that you not wait that long to mark your calendars, but to plan ahead on joining us that day to honor our youth, our community and Mr. Hughes.

Thank you and see you on February 8, 2009.

Larry Stern

Date: Thursday, June 5th 2008
Time: 7:00 PM (arrive by 6:45)
Theme: Flag Ceremony and Presentation to Cerritos Parks and Recreation Commission for Flag Pole at Sunshine Park
Location: Cerritos City Hall
City Council Meeting Minutes: http://www.ci.cerritos.ca.us/citygov/minutes/10-9-08.html


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Courtesy Judy Steele: Loring Hughes Flag Pole Memorial.pdf

Transcript of Presentation

Presented by Scout-Kendall Nishibayashi

As Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 693, I would like to request your consideration of a proposal from our Troop, working with City staff, to sponsor the design, purchase and installation of a permanent flag pole at Sunshine Park. This park, does not currently have a flagpole, merely a flag holder protruding from the edge of the shelter. Our purpose in donating this proposed flagpole to the City is to honor the memory of Mr. Loring Hughes, a longtime Cerritos resident and past Scoutmaster of our Troop.

Due to the fact that Mr. Hughes and his family have lived within two blocks of Sunshine Park, our Troop has utilized the wide open grass, the 500 meter path, the pull-up bars, and the tables during his years as Scoutmaster and still today.

Our parents and boys have spent countless hours teaching, learning and practicing the skills and leadership traits that the Boy Scouts are known for. One of those activities includes learning how to build and erect a flagpole, by lashing together wooden poles with ropes, as we have demonstrated here today, and how to properly raise and retire our national and state flags. Over many years, Troop 693 Scouts have demonstrated their color guard skills at meetings of the City Council, such as previously tonight.

Before passing away on August 30, 2005, Mr. Hughes had lived in Cerritos for over 35 years and spent almost his entire life participating in the Scouting program. In his youth, Mr. Hughes was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Sea Scout and an Assistant Scout Leader. As a father, he was involved with his son’s scouting career, becoming a leader for the Tiger Cub Scouts, the Cub Scouts and was very proud to have been the Scoutmaster for Troop 693.

Troop 693 recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary of serving the youth of our community. Under Mr. Hughes’ leadership and continuing guidance, our Troop has grown from approximately 20 boys in mid-1990 to approximately 65 boys today. Our roster of Eagle Scouts increased from 25 when he joined our Troop to the current 59 Eagle Scouts of whom we are so very proud.

I believe that donating and erecting a permanent flagpole at this park would be a wonderful and fitting tribute to the City of Cerritos and to the memory of such an ideal leader and teacher of our community, Mr. Loring Hughes.

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