Long Term Bike Ride - 2012

Start Date: Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 7:00 AM
End Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2012 6:00 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Central California Coast
Forms Needed: Long Term Bike Permission Slip
Coordinator: Dennis Gorospe, Ed Johnson, Jay Chiang
Cost: $250-$300
Last Date to Signup: TBD
Requirements: Attend training rides, Cycling merit badge preferred, complete a 50 mile bike ride.

Flyer: Long Term Bike Ride
Things to bring: Camping Checklist , Cycling Long Term Checklist
Userful Link: How to Buy a Bike


This will be a one week trip. We expect to ride anywhere from 35 to 50 miles a day on this cycling journey.
Ride along California’s Central Coast as we head from the Monterey Peninsula to Santa Barbara. The ride will take us through the some of the most scenic spots along the Pacific Coast Highway. Expect to ride through rolling hills with a reward of a well-deserved downhill ride. Riders are expected to have knowledge of bike safety as we travel along the Pacific Coast Highway.

This is a nearly 300 mile bike ride that will bring memories of a lifetime. This trip is designed for older scouts who want a challenging adventure. This will test a scout’s endurance and will.


Ride the Pacific Surfliner Train from LA Union Station to Salinas
Ride along the World Famous 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach
Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium
Tour Hearst Castle
Return on the Pacific Surfliner from Santa Barbara back to Fullerton


Laguna Seca-Pfeiffer Big Sur-Plaskett Creek-San Simeon-Morro Bay-Vandenberg Air Force Base- El Capitan-Santa Barbara

Day 1 - Train ride to Monterey Bay

Leaving Union Station
Arrive at Monterey Presedio to warm welcome by Troop 2! Eating dinner now.

Day 2

Had a great first day of biking. First leg 8 mile done. Lunch at Bird Rock. Will camp at Pfeiffer State Park.
Total mileage on Day 2: 41.2 miles

Day 3

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to Plasket Creek.
Total mileage Day 3: 33.4 miles. Cumulative: 74.6 miles

Day 4

Plasket Creek to San Simeon (Hearst Castle).
Total mileage Day 4: 45.4 miles. Cumulative: 120 miles.
Proud of these boys. When they reach Hearst Castle today, they will have done 120 miles of cycling…..and they are still smiling.

Day 5

This great trip won't happen without these dedicated adult leaders. Thank you!
San Simeon State Park to Pismo Beach.
Total mileage Day 5: 54 miles. Cumulative: 174 miles.

Day 6

Pismo Beach to Vandenberg AFB.
Total Mileage Day 6: 37.8 miles. Cumulative: 211.8 miles

Day 7

Vandenberg AFB to Refugio State Beach.
Total Mileage Day 7: 41.7 miles. Cumulative: 253.5 miles

Day 8

Refugio State Beach to Santa Barbara.
Total Mileage Day 8: 21.2 miles. Cumulative: 274.70 miles

Training Rides

In order to have our scouts and parents properly trained for the Long Term Bike Ride, the following training schedule has been created. There will be at least 2 rides per month, alternating between Saturday and Sunday. The training rides will progressively increase in mileage the closer we get to June, 2012.

Meeting Place: Cerritos Regional Park, Tennis Court Parking Lot (North side) along 195th Street
Saturday: ROLL at 8:00 am
Sunday: ROLL at 12:00 pm

Please note, ROLL TIME means we start riding at that time. Expect to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure to allow for equipment and bicycle inspections.

Month 12:00 pm 8:00 am
December Sunday 4 (25 miles: Regional Park - Warner) Saturday 17 (38 miles: Regional Park - Huntington Beach)
January Sunday 8 (25 miles: Liberty Park - Pico Rivera Golf Course)
(meet @ Liberty Park)
Sunday 22
February Sunday 19 (35miles - 4 hours) Saturday 4 (35miles - 4 hours)
March Sunday 11 (40miles - 4~5 hours) Saturday 3 (40miles - 4~5 hours)
April Sunday 22 (45miles - 5~6 hours) Saturday 7 (45miles - 5~6 hours)
May Sunday 13 (6~8 hours depending on terrain)
Sunday 27 (6~8 hours depending on terrain)
Saturday 5 (6~8 hours depending on terrain)
Saturday 19 (6~8 hours depending on terrain)
June Sunday 10
Sunday 17
Saturday 2
Saturday 16
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