Long Beach Rescue Mission

Long Beach Rescue Mission has given us volunteer opportunity on Sundays 11/10 and 12/1.
Those of you who need to satisfy the volunteer service hours for Citizenship in the Community merit badge, this is just for you.
But more importantly, this outing would give you a chance to give back to the community, to serve the less privileged and to touch lives; by helping out in the kitchen and serve lunch to the homeless. The lunch shift is from 9:30 - 1:30pm, we will be meeting at Carmenita HS at 8:45am and carpool together. They could only accommodate 13 scouts per Sunday, so please sign up ASAP by sending me an email as spots will fill up quickly, first come first serve.

Here is LBRM's mission statement:
Long Beach Rescue Mission is a place of healing and hope serving the greater Long Beach Community by improving the quality of life of the hurting and homeless through loving and equipping them to be reconciled:

to God
to self
to family, and
to society

To learn out more about LBRM, please click this link: http://www.lbrm.org/. Or check out this video: http://youtu.be/HKJ4H4oPbQM.
We will have an information session to prep those who are interested at the troop meeting on 11/4.
Jen is an LBRM volunteerFood ServiceLong Beach Rescue Mission feeds the homeless

We also need at least 3 parents to help drive and supervise the scouts on both days. If you could spare 4 hours for a worthy cause, please shoot me an email. It would be greatly appreciated. For those who are moved to contribute to this organization, I would encourage you to make a personal donation on their website. This Thanksgiving season alone, they will serve more than 54,000 meals (that's 32 tons of food!).

Let us show through our actions, that Troop 693 is more than just a High Adventure Troop, that it is also one that actively serves its community.

Community Service Team: moc.oohay|gnowlrac#moc.oohay|gnowlrac
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