Life Scout

Continuing to develop leadership skills, the Life Scout rank is earned by fulfilling additional leadership positions, service hours, and merit badges. A Life Scout is expected to be a role model and leader in the troop, providing guidance to new scouts and helping the troop however he can. Being a good leader can only be learned by doing and troop leadership positions allow the scout to make decisions, lead discussions, and encourage others.

Next rank to be earned after Life is Eagle Scout.


  1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least six months as a Star Scout.
  2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life.
  3. Earn five more merit badges (so that you have 11 in all), including any 3 more from the required list for Eagle. Scouts choose any 3 of the 15 Eagle required merit badges to fulfill this requirement. See the Eagle Requirements page for the list of Eagle required merit badges:
    1. ______________ (required for Eagle)
    2. ______________ (required for Eagle)
    3. ______________ (required for Eagle)
    4. ______________
    5. ______________
  4. While a Star Scout, take part in service projects totaling at least 6 hours of work. These projects must be approved by your Scoutmaster.
  5. While a Star Scout, serve actively for 6 months in one or more of the troop positions of responsibility listed in requirement 5 for Star Scout (or carry out a Scoutmaster-assigned leadership project to help the troop).
  6. Take part in a Scoutmaster Conference.
  7. Complete your Board of Review.

Scout Spirit

  • As a troop leader (even if you don't hold an office), do you actively take up leadership when you see something that needs doing?
  • Can you organize & coordinate other Scouts of all ages (without yelling)?
  • Are you a major player in the "behind-the-scenes" work that makes the troop run - organizing equipment, making camping arrangements, setting up activities for the PLC?
  • Are you a good, patient teacher and example to younger Scouts?
  • Are you involved in your school or in the community as a volunteer?
  • Do you also meet the requirements for Star Scout, First Class Scout and Second Class Scout?

Scout Spirit adapted from Hatboro Troop 81 website.

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