Lancelot Chu Eagle Project

Project Day: Saturday, 6/8/13 8:30am-6:00pm
Project Beneficiary: Tetzlaff Middle School
Location (Drop off/ Pick up): Tetzlaff Middle School; 12351 Del Amo Blvd., Cerritos, CA, 90703
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip ( Will be sent by Email)
Coordinator: Lancelot Chu
Things to Bring: Full brim hat, sunscreen, safety goggles, work gloves
What to Wear: Old clothes for working
*Lunch, snack, and drinks will be provided
Flyer: Lancelot_Chu_Eagel_Project_Flyer.pdf

Project Details

My Eagle Project includes two objectives:

1.Repaint: three trashcans, four benches
They are located at the school’s front office and entrance. The school wants them to be repainted with new colors to make them uniform and make the school be more presentable.

2. Installing 3/32 plastic covered cables around the school to serve as hangers for signs, posters, and bulletins.
The amount of cable used is estimated to be at a length of about 322 ft. There will be about 23 sections to cover in the school. Each section will average at about 150 in.

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