Kevin Chang Eagle Project

When: January 5, January 12
Where: 18800 Norwalk Blvd. Artesia 90701
What: Remove rust and then repaint a metal rectangular outdoor fence that is 102 feet wide, 133 feet long, and 4 feet tall
Helpers Needed: Around 25 scouts, adults and volunteers in total
Cost: $1102.12
Funding: Donations from family and friends; personal funds
Beneficiary: New Life Community Church
Safety: Gloves and masks provided; directions to nearest hospital, hazardous materials only handled by older scouts/adults

Project Description

The fences around the playgrounds at this church have had their paint fade away, revealing an ugly red primer underneath. In addition, rust has started to become a problem at some areas of the fence. This fence, measuring 102 feet wide, 133 feet long, and 4 feet tall, is in a fairly prominent area of the church and is visible from many areas. Repainting this fence, removing rust, filling in gaps, and using rust resistant primer will help ensure that this fence will be pleasant to look at for years to come.
I especially wanted to do this project for New Life because I go to this church. Although I could have done projects for other churches and organizations, this church is important to me and I want to give back to it.

Project Schedule

Day 1

Previous night: Clean fences with hose
8:00AM- Sign in at New Life Church, have snacks, safety talk
8:15AM- Paper tarp will be measured (6 feet long segments) and cut and taped underneath sections of fence. Two scouts will place duct tape around the bases of the fence.
9:00AM- Split up the workers into groups of 4. Each group will start prep work on a different part of the fence and work segment by segment in a clockwise direction. Prep work consists of using a paint scraper to get rid of bubbling rust, following by sanding/brushing all over the fence, spraying rust neutralizer (only handled by adults/older scouts) on rusty areas, and applying insulating foam in holes (only used by adults/older scouts).
10:15AM- Start priming work on the first half of the fence. People will be split into groups similarly to before, except each group has less to do because they are working only ½ of the fence.
11:45PM- Lunch Break
12:30PM- Start priming the other half of the fence similarly to how the first was done
2:00PM- Start painting the first half of the fence similarly to how it was primed
3:30PM- Start painting the second half of the fence
5:00PM- Day end and cleanup

Day 2

8:00AM- Sign in at New Life, eat food, safety talk
8:15AM- Paper tarp and tape is being laid down; two scouts wipe the fence with a towel.
9:30AM- Second coat of painting will start on the first half of the fence
11:00AM- Lunch break
12:15PM- Second coat begins on 2nd half of fence.
1:45 PM- Project is done. Cleanup and sign-outs

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