Holiday Party - December 2010

Date: Friday, December 10th, 2010
Time: 6:45 PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: John's Incredible Pizza Group Entrance (lower level of the Buena Park Mall)
Location: 8601 On the Mall, Buena Park CA 90620. Phone # (714) 236-0000
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip
Coordinator: Quintin Sumabat
Last Date to Signup: Monday, Dec 6th 9pm


  • Premiere Package - $17.99 for Adults and Children 13+.
  • $14.99 per Child 12 and Under
  • OR Basic Package - $13.99 for Adults and Children 13+.
  • $10.99 per Child 12 and Under.

Packages can be mixed or matched according to your preference.



Come join us for some holiday fun

Troop 693 2010 Holiday Party

Great food and the best games

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If you are interested, then you can sign up by clicking "Post - it " below with your first name and last name initial (do not post your entire last name, just the last name initial).

For example, I would like to sign up the following for my family:
Quinten S: 1 Adult Basic+ 1 Child (12 Under) Premiere.

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