Green And Gold February 2016

Date: 02/19/2016 Friday 6:00pm
Where : Skyline Room, Cerritos Library
Contact: Lilibelle Reyes, Paul Yang, Minchi Cheng
Forms Needed: Permission Slip
Cost: Dinner- $10 per Scout/Adult ; Raffle Tickets- 6 tickets for $5

Event Flyer: Green and Gold Flyer
Fundraiser Letter: Green and Gold Fundraiser Letter

Last Sign-up Date: Feb 1st, 2016 (with all your payment)

Online Sign-up Form: "Please note that the raffle ticket is sold by set (6 tickets in one set), and fill in number of set."
Sorry, the deadline is past and it is too late to sign up.

It’s time to sign up for green and gold! Green and Gold is an annual dinner fundraising event in our troop. It’s a great opportunity to know each other and raise funds for troop activities in which all raffle ticket sales will be going to. In order to have a successful event, please sign up and buy raffle tickets to support our troop’s events.

Letter from Green and Gold coordination team

Dear Troop 693

Green and Gold is fast approaching. This will take place on Friday, February 19 at the Cerritos Library, Skyline room at 6:00 pm. Dinner will be at $10/per person.
We are requesting each troop patrol to prepare a “THEMED “gift basket for our silent auction. The following are suggestions that you may want to prepare: Sports basket, Entertainment basket, baking basket, Movie Night basket, pasta basket, Coffee basket, wine basket, camping basket, board game, etc. Make your basket a fun basket that everyone will want to bid on.
We are also asking donation from our troop families that we can use at our silent auction or raffle. Also, please help solicit these additional items from maybe your work, friends, doctor, dentist, business friends etc. I you need a letter to help solicit for these items, please let us know.
Please rsvp as soon as possible so we can start ordering our food. Please respond to this email if you are able to attend and number of additional guest you are bringing. Please mention if you prefer a vegetarian meal. Bring in your payment at our next troop meeting.
Help us make this a successful event!!!

Lilibelle, Minchi & Paul

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