Green And Gold 2015

Date: 02/20/2015 Friday 6:00pm
Where : Skyline Room, Cerritos Library
Cost: $10 per scout/Adult

Forms Needed: Permission Slip

Event Flyer: Flyer

Sign-up Form:

It’s time to sign up for green and gold! Green and Gold is an annual dinner fundraising event in our troop. It’s a great opportunity to know each other and raise funds for troop activities in which all raffle ticket sales will be going to. In order to have a successful event, please sign up and buy raffle tickets to support our troop’s events.
Dinner tickets cost 10$ per person and raffle tickets are 10$ for 12 tickets

Special request from Green and Gold coordination team

Dear Parents,
Not many chances can we spend with our children sharing their scout stories or experiences. It is a great opportunity for us to sign up and join Green and Gold. In order for us to have a successful event, we need your support and help in donating new items in which you feel you will not be using anymore. All your donations will be put as raffle gifts to increase the number of items in this event. We highly appreciate you generosity and kindness in supporting our troop.

*Please contact the Green and Gold coordination team if you wouldn't mind supporting this event

Serena Szu@ 562-215-2783, Sharon Xu @ 562-229-2226, Jenny Song @ 562-321-8865
Jin Yim @ 562-832-3955 Vildana Jahic @ 562-412-6427

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