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Joseph Antonio (guest) 26 Oct 2015 16:25
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Another October Backpacking trip is in Troop 693’s history books. Many memories have been created this weekend. With 44 people, including 27 scouts and 17 adults it was quite an event. The trip began some 58 miles from Cerritos in the Angeles National Forest. We started at the Eaton Saddle trailhead, right off of Mt. Wilson Red Box Road and headed 2.3 miles inward towards the Mt. Lowe Trail Camp. Passing through Mueller tunnel, we headed down the fire road, about ½ a mile from the trailhead, then followed the single track Mt. Lowe East Trail towards camp. We took a detour before ending at the camp and went up to the peak of Mt. Lowe.

At the campsite we settled in, pitched our tents and ate our lunch. The first year scouts did some Trail to first Class activities including identifying 10 plants and animals and how to work a camp stove with Mr. Simko, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Cho and Mr. Chang. A big thanks to the ASM’s for taking the time with the scouts and teaching them some valuable life skills!!

Dinner started before the sun went down and the scouts ate well with dishes such as steak and cheese quesadillas and pasta with meatballs. They were such gourmet cooks! And they even brought pumpkin pie to celebrate Jefferson Ma’s birthday!! The adults were so jealous. We only had beans and rice and potato soup.

After dinner and after the bear bags were hung, the troop took short a night hike to Inspiration Point to watch the city lights down below. Once there, we saw the make-shift “telescopes” pointing to different parts of the city. Some of the scouts learned about night time navigation using the light of the moon and shadows from a stick. We then headed back to camp without lights and only having the moonlight to light the way.

The following morning we woke up bright and early. After breakfast we finished packing, cleaned up the campsite and headed back to our cars. We took a different route toward the trailhead by going the opposite side of Mt. Lowe following the fire road. It was longer, 3.2 miles, but an easier, gradual ascent. We stopped at the junction by the water tower and the scouts ate their lunch and did their Scouts Own. Each scout then told of their “thorns and roses”, as well as the adults. We then headed back to our cars and drove home.

I hope that everyone who went enjoyed themselves on this trip. It will be something that you will always remember, especially for the new scouts and their parents. The first experience is always the most memorable one, be it roses or thorns. Hopefully you all can continue to experience these activities and make more memories. It’s not easy carrying a heavy backpack several miles in uneven terrain. You all should be very proud of your accomplishments. Remember, everyone was a first year scout and a new parent at one point. Many have gone to higher adventures and beyond! Stay involved and get the most out of scouting.

Special thank you to the adults who helped make this event a successful one. To Santos and Jay for their sage advice and coming along on the survey hikes. To James Ho and Mark Ingram who accompanied me on the hikes as well. To Art Chang for the training hike and equipment training with Scott Kotake. To Mike Simko for cooking Sunday’s breakfast and for organizing the Trail to First Class activities and executing it with Steve Clinton and Charles Cho. To the sous chefs Jonathan and Carl who helped with the meal preparations. To the adults who drove and sacrificed their weekend. And to the parents of all the scouts who entrusted us with your boys. It was definitely a group effort and everyone had an important role no matter how small or big. If I missed anyone, I apologize for it is not my intentions.

And finally, thank you also to the scout leaders, especially Prithvi who was the SPL for the trip. He, along with the other seasoned veterans of Philmont, Jefferson, Jeffrey and Alex did a great job with the scouts. I know you will be great leaders in the future.

Until the next trip…

Yours in Scouting

Mr. Joseph Antonio

by Joseph Antonio (guest), 26 Oct 2015 16:25
Daniel Cho (guest) 11 Oct 2015 01:42
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Daniel Cho will be there.

Daniel Cho

by Daniel Cho (guest), 11 Oct 2015 01:42
Peter Choi (guest) 09 Oct 2015 04:57
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Peter and David (Peter's dad)
We will go to hiking on Oct 23-24.
Thank you!

by Peter Choi (guest), 09 Oct 2015 04:57

Day 1 and Day 2 are in the books. We arrived at Lover's Leap trail camp yesterday at 2 pm. The scouts learned about bear bagging, campfire, cooking and cleaning Philmont style. Crew 1 woke up at 5 am this morning and took off oom their destination, we'll see them the last day. Crew 2 woke up at 5:45 and arrived at Urraca at 11:45 am after 4 hours of grueling 6 mile hike. Everyone is doing great, scouts are very happy singing and whistling all the way.
The weather is great so far, knock on wood. We had rain sporadically but no lightning near us. It's not too hot either.
The next few days will be challenging as we are hiking to Mt Phillips. But per our ranger (ranger stays with each crew for the first 2 days), we are ready for it, she's very impressed with our scouts!

Greetings from Philmont Crew T02.

Mr Wong, Mr Cho. 7/20/2015

Dear Troop 693,

As some may noticed our Troop meeting at Sunshine Park is lower in attendance this past week and that's because 17 of our scouts and 4 adults are making the biennial pilgrimage to Philmont for an adventure of a lifetime. Our troop has a long history and rich tradition with Philmont as many of our scouts and adults will gladly share their stories and past experiences.

Philmont is one of the BSA High Adventure base camp. Its backpacking trek explores the rugged northern New Mexico's backcountry with more than 214 square miles of vast wilderness. Scouts and adults carried everything they needed to survive on their 66-70 miles trek (mileage varies depending on their selected route) hike from camp to camp. There are many fun and features programs that Philmont put together as part of the experience.

Attached are some pictures of our boys playing at base camp and later taking in the natural beauty and wonders of Philmont. We get updates now and then from the adult leaders. Last check in status was that the boys reached their highest peak and are doing well in good spirit. Our well wishes to both crews as they explore the 12 days Philmont trek and wishing them a safe return.

Chad Hoang

Dear Troop,

Well, we just got back from an exciting week at Camp Cherry Valley (CCV). Many of the scouts completed several merit badges, and we all had a great week. The food was delicious and nutritious. Also, many of the scouts took advantage of the waterfront, and went sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and snorkeling.

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Eric Aune for taking on the position of Scoutmaster for this trip, which he did not have to do. His experience was essential to ensuring a successful summer camp.

I would also like to thank Mr. Art Chang, Mr. Steve Clinton, Mr. Mike Simko, and Mrs. Chandy Gunawardana, for taking a week off of their busy schedule to be with us.

We performed our normal Friday flag retirement ceremony, including all 32 scout who went, by providing two parallel sides of guard in front of the color guard. We also presented our troop friends and campsite commissioner with neckerchiefs signed by the entire troop.

All those in the McPillsbury clan…,

Thisara Gunawardana

Iiiiiiiii am ticklish, tee hee hee.

Those who went to Cherry Valley will know what that means.

Anyway, it was another great week at Cherry Valley. The camp may not be the biggest that we go to, or offer the most merit badges or have top of the line equipment, but the staff is one of the best of all. The troop friends program makes the camp one of the best there is. I believe everyone had a great time, I know I did. This was time number four for me. I hope that I can make it #5 someday. It is still my favorite camp.

The boys seemed to have a great time in their quest for beads. I believe we earned about 100 MB's and there are a few partials that they will need to be finish out. A lot of rank advancement went on. Many of boys spent their free time in handicrafts doing a bunch of those MB's, going to the trading post for slushies (Kybo style for instance), spending time at the waterfront.

Another week of Camp Cherry Valley memories is now stored away. I hope that those who took pictures will make them available via CD or something like that so that we can cause those memories to resurface someday down the road when we look back at that July week in 2015 when we were there.


Another eventful week in the Troop’s memory lane. Each time I come back from these backpacking trips, I admire the beautiful outdoors and what mother nature has provide to us. Hope you all will gain appreciation, for the whispering in the air, the sound for water trickling by, or the night sky. As cities expand and we get engrossed in our gadgets, kind of of loose sight of this.

Thanks to so many of adult volunteers who worked hard to provide these experiences for the scouts. As those of you who went for this outing must have realized how much effort goes in planning an outing of 50+ people, and those of you who did not get to see, perhaps will hear stories from your sons. Those of you who went must have also realized how important is team work, it is now longer about one person, but the shared goal, or shared weight of the crew. You must have also realized the importance of advise and guidance trainers provided prior to the hike.

First experience is always the most memorable one. It is not easy to climb a mountain with a 25-35 lbs of backpack on your back…we have had both scouts and adults in the Troop who have had tough time in their first trip, but then went to the 11 day trek to Philmont. Of course they practiced and worked towards achieving the physical fitness. Hope the first timers had a long last experience and one day will achieve your own goals. It was interesting to already see a discussion happen for Philmont trek 4 years from now.

Special thanks to Jay and Scott for putting it all together, they put in countless number hours of planning and multiple survey hike. Thanks to our cooks Scott, Santos, Raja, Art and Joseph for feeding 20 hungry adults, the food was great. Thanks to many drivers, and all the adults who sacrificed their weekend to spend time with the scouts.

Kudos to the SPL, Benjamin, it is no easy task to manage a crew of 30+ scouts, especially in a crapped campsite. He leaves the troop with this last backpacking trip as a scout. Thanks to the patrol leaders Siddarth, Justin Chris, and Mitchell, hope you all had a good time and gained from this leadership experience, and suggestions to improve upon.

Till the next one.


Great Experience by AlokAlok, 03 Nov 2014 22:37

Dear Mr. Chiang and Mr. Kotake,

Thank you both for organizing this wonderful backpacking trip. It was a great experience
for my first back packing trip and thank you for the encouragement. I also want to thank all of the other adult leaders and older scouts who helped us along the way. My special thanks to Cris
for being such a great patrol leader and helping us out along the rocky terrain and making us have a better time by giving us some company. I would also like to thank Mr. Varghesse for giving me a ride. Once again I would like to thank everyone in making this backpacking trip a memorial one.


Thank You by Rajiv AgrawalRajiv Agrawal, 03 Nov 2014 21:32
richie (guest) 08 Oct 2014 03:18
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Rock Climbing 2014

can we sign up today?

by richie (guest), 08 Oct 2014 03:18

Training hike is on Saturday Sept 27th @7am. Sorry for the confusion. Webpage updated.

by Jay ChiangJay Chiang, 23 Sep 2014 04:58
Henry Lee (guest) 08 Sep 2014 22:13
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Backpack Training Hike 2014

Just clarifying the date of the training hike. Sept 27 is a Saturday but the description says Sunday. Is the hike on Sat, Sept 27, or Sun, Sept 28?

by Henry Lee (guest), 08 Sep 2014 22:13

Dear Log Cabin Crew,
I would like to thank all the adults who came on the trip, but also Mrs. Gorospe for
coordinating the trip. We couldn't have all the fun without all the adult leaders' help. I had a
lot of fun during this long term and it is definitely one of my favorite outings. I would
also like to thank all the staff and the safeties that helped us along the way.


Dear Log Cabin Crew,
I'd like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jahic, Mr. Wong, Mr. Cheng, and Mr. Dang for taking us up to Log Cabin and keeping us safe along the trip. I'd also like to thank the two patrol leaders, Victor and Adi, for keeping us together and making sure we were on time for all the hikes. I want to especially thank Mrs. Gorospe for allowing this trip to happen and hope that she can make it to the next Log Cabin outing.

- Jefferson Ma

I'd like to thank... by Minchi ChengMinchi Cheng, 09 Aug 2014 04:23

Hi Log Cabin Crew,

Thank you all the adults, Mr. and Mrs. Jahic, Mr. Wong, and Mr. Cheng who attended this outing and also Mrs. Gorospe, who planned the outing. I would also like to thank the staff who joined us on our hike along with us. We had a great week and I would like to thank LCWC . Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Dang for coming on this trip with us.

-Alex Wang

Thank you all the adults by Minchi ChengMinchi Cheng, 09 Aug 2014 04:22

Hi All,

Wow, what a week. It just seemed like yesterday when we first met the LCWC staff. It was also the very day when the insecure part of me took place. I asked myself questions that only made me more nervous about fulfilling my role as the new SPL. What if the scouts don't listen? What if we get lost on the trail?(Only happened once) What if someone gets injured? (Ironic in light of the Injury Patrol) What if I'm not cut out to be SPL yet? However, by the second day, I realized how pointless my questions were. I began to trust myself, but more importantly, you guys. I knew that we could get out of any problematic situation we got stuck in. And I was right. Take our massive detour as an example. Somehow, through terrible navigation, we end up at the top of a peak with seemingly no way to get down. Yet, through excellent communication and teamwork, we all made it down without a single scratch.
In addition, thank you adults for coming out to the outdoors to experience such natural beauty. Your wisdom was needed during my time as SPL in order to keep things moving. But in all honesty, all I had to do was make sure what needed to be done was done, which always seemed to work out, because you all helped me get there. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time, because I know I had one. Thank you Log Cabin crew for giving me the chance to lead you for a week and to learn from my experiences. This will always be a memory to remember.

Victor Phong

*Shout-out to me(Victor Dang), who always was there to listen to my whining and for also being a great person(and friend) to talk to in any situation. Thank you for your previous experiences on which I could rely on to guide my actions.

Wow, what a week. by Minchi ChengMinchi Cheng, 09 Aug 2014 04:18

The trip was one that I will definitely remember for life. Don’t know where to start, from Log Cabin Stuff, through James’ food, to magnificent nature around us.
Our first day Green Creek to Summit Lake was tough. The hike started late and we rushed it to get to Summit Lake before dark. That was ~8miles uphill with 40-50lb backpacks, and with rain through the day, perfect practice for the scout that will attempt the Philmont trip. Summit Lake is a glacier lake at 10200 feet elevation in the Hoover Wilderness and we set up our camp for the night there.
Second day started with sunny but cold morning. We were mostly going down the hill for around 6 miles. At the very beginning we met a group of backpackers with lamas. Later that morning the weather changed and the rain followed us for most of the day. At the end we rushed to get to McCabe creek campground before the storm. The boys were very good and did their best to set up the camp site before the rain. After couple hours of hard rain and hail we had a nice afternoon. The boys even set-up the fire with great help from Anastasia and Alex.
Third day was a long day for both patrols. But the plan was to meet somewhere in between. From the high forest, lakes and creeks our surroundings changed to flat terrain and meadows. We met the other patrol at THE ROCK and we had lunch together. That was definitely very nicely organized by the staff.
We continued to Glen Aulin by the Pacific Crest Trail. Glen Aulin campground was a more vacation type campground than hiking, but no complaints. Some kids were excited about Ramen noodles in the store.
Swimming under the waterfall was a challenge for some. Michel and Jefferson were the bravest ones and they had fun. Adi and Jeffrey got wet but did not enjoy the cold water at all. Campfire and mafia game ended our day.
Earlier that evening Chris, our medic guy from the Log Cabin showed up and brought us fresh baked brownies and cookies. Shari sent the biggest piece to Mrs. Jahic and she did not share it with anybody! Shame on you Mrs. Jahic.
Forth day was a day-hike day. We did not have big backpacks but the hike was tough. We went to the Waterwheel Falls, hiking down through surrounding and sceneries. Cliffs, mountains and huge fallen rocks were on one side of the trail and the cascading waterfalls, Tuolumne river and swimming pools on the other side. On the way back we stopped twice to swim. This time Jeffrey and Adi as well as Mr. Jahic were brave. Michael, Jefferson and Alex our guide were the pro’s already. Second swimming spot was the one where we saw the most smiling faces. Rock sliding down the river bad was awesome, even (little) Alex got wet there and NO ONE got hurt. We did not finish the day romantically with a Sunset as Mrs. Jahic recommended (hahahaha) but fire and Mafia was good enough.
That night we met with James, our cook and his group of scouts from Whittier. They had been on the same trail as we, but a day shorter in duration. Their complete trip was from Sunday night to Friday night.
Fifth day supposed to be easiest day, 5.8miles to Tuolumne Meadows, first two and half mile up and the rest pretty flat. It was easy day for the boys but that was a hard day for Mrs. Jahic. She could not catch up to the boys. Took us longer than we expected but we finished it. There are not a lot of pictures from that day since the adults had a hard day.
But that was the day that we got back to the Log Cabin, to James’ food, roasted beef and vegetables with brownies and another cake. James left that morning at 6:00 o’clock to get to the Log Cabin on time to cook dinner for us.
But the most important part of the day was a hot shower and Jacuzzi for the kids. That was day where Eric,our guide gave a small tour of the gold mine to Mrs. and Mr. Jahic. Since there is still concern of mercury contamination in the mine, the Log Cabin staff did not want the scouts to being the area. You can see some pictures from there.

Thank you Anastasia and Alex, for your lead and make get us back safe.

One more time the TROOP 693 had shown its strength. Our boys will appreciate these trips even more later in life when they grow up. Alex, our guide who is 23 years old and started hiking later said he wished that he had the opportunity when he was younger as our boys were.
Gorospe’s you were definitely missed. Thank you Mrs. Gorospe for all the time you put in to organize this trip.

On a side note. Shari, the Log Cabin director told me they don’t know what the future for the log cabin is. They don’t have enough visitors and the future is a big question. Log Cabin Crew feels that there is not so many people who know about this place and it is not enough advertised. We hope that our photos and scouts’ comment will help bring other scouts up there for years to come.

Mrs. Jahic

Fantastic write ups on Log Cabin! Thanks for sharing scouts! Very enjoyable to read!! Sorry I failed to mention earlier—thanks also to Adi for stepping up as patrol leader & Victor Dang for going along & providing all his experience & scout spirit. I am sincerely proud of each & every one of you and glad you enjoyed & experienced so much!

Mrs. Gorospe

Thank you to Mrs. Gorospe who organized this outing and for all the planning you have done. All the training hikes and emails you have sent us helped us a lot. I would also like to thank Mr and Mrs. Jahic, Mr. Wong, Mr. Cheng who spent time this week at Log Cabin. Driving, supervising, taking care of us was a lot of hard work and we couldn't have done it without you. Also, Thank you to Victor Dang for supervising all the scouts and being there for us.

This is one of the best back packing experiences for me and without you, none of this would be possible.

Anthony Hoang

Thank you by Minchi ChengMinchi Cheng, 05 Aug 2014 17:00


Congrats to the entire LCWC crew for a successful outing adventure. It sounds like all went well and everyone had a great time.

Sheri Usher, the camp director, said you were a "fantastic" group and the staff enjoyed spending time with you! I am so proud of you scouts for making a good impression!

THANK YOU to all scouts, especially Victor Phong and Nic Sumabat for showing leadership and all the ADULTS driving, guiding and supporting our crew. I also want to recognize Andrew Cheng (and MinChi) for managing all the troop gear!

I can't wait to hear more details about your adventures. Please feel free to share your experience by writing a recap. Do we have a designated historian for the trip? Anthony? sorry I can't remember. (Adults too). Please share pictures as well!

Eric found his green hydro flask!


Mrs. Gorospe

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