BSA Tour Permit

Tour Plan:
Other BSA Forms:

BSA Forms

Medical Exam:

Check Medical Form Expiry if you need to update your medical form with the Troop.
Boy Scout 2009 Registration Form: BoyscoutRegistration.Form2009.doc

Troop Outing Forms

Quartermaster Backpacking Gear Request: T693QuartermasterBackpackingGearRequest.doc
Permission Slip: Troop 693 Permission Slip

Troop Event Website Post Form

Troop Event Website Post Form: Troop_Event_Website_Post_Template.doc
Steps to request website post:

  • 1. Download the template
  • 2. Fill in the necessary information
  • 3. Email the file with your attachments like flyer, permission slip to Web Master group: moc.spuorgelgoog|retsambew-396poort#moc.spuorgelgoog|retsambew-396poort

Other Troop Forms

Outing Expense Template: Outing_Expense_Template.xls
Expense Reimbursement: T693ReimbursementRequestForm.doc
Scout Leadership Position Application: Troop693ScoutLeadershipPositionApplication.doc (for details on positions and due date refer to Scout Leadership)
Board of Review Result Form: BoardOfReviewResultForm.doc
Scoutmaster-Conference White Slip: Scoutmaster-Conference White Slip

Also see Planning for Outing


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