Forest Lawn Mountain Man Thunder - November 2010

Start Date: Friday, November 19 5:30 PM (bring own sack dinner) Saturday, November 20, 2010 5:30 AM (changed due to weather conditions)
End Date: Sunday November 21 4:30PM
Meeting Point for Drop-off and Pickup: Carmenita Middle School
Location: Forest Lawn Scout Reservation Circle X Ranch at Big Horn (Lake Arrowhead, CA)
Forms Needed: Troop 693 Permission Slip
Coordinator: Carol Hojo, Kiran Rami
Cost: $45 per scout
Last Date to Signup: Nov. 8 Sign-up with Kiran Rami (but do NOT wait, because space is limited, once filled, you will be on waiting list; and we may not be able to obtain more spaces!!!)
Things to bring: Camping Checklist

According to weather reports, it may rain this weekend. At 5000 ft above sea level, it may snow too. So, please come prepared with warm clothing (jackets, beanie caps, thermals/long johns), gloves, spare socks, spare shoes/hiking boots, poncho.


Please read the following pages: Click here to see Details for 2010 program.

  • p.4-5: map
  • p.6: the schedule
  • p.13-15: the activities (DO NOT MISS THESE FUN ACTIVITIES)


Tomahawk Throw: Instruction on how to throw the tomahawk will be provided. All youth participants (with parental approval) will be allowed to try their hand at this sport. Sorry adult leaders, you can just watch.

Flint & Steel Fire Building: General fire building history, safety and instruction on how to start a fire using flint & steel will be provided. Participants, youth and adult, can make char cloth and try to start a fire.

Archery: Standard archery bows and target arrows will be used to demonstrate and instruct participants in the proper use and safety. All youth participants (with parental approval) will be allowed to pull the strings. If time permits, adult participants can give it a try also.

Knots: Rope and knot history and the proper use of five basic Scout knots (square, bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch, and timber hitch) will be explored. Participants, youth and adult, can tie one on during this activity.

Manty Your Load: Moving personal and camp gear always was, and still is, a chore. We’ll give the Scouts a break and provide a standard “load” but they still have to tie it up and manty (carry) it using a travois.

2-Man Bucksaws: The use of forest products started in prehistory and still holds rewards and poses problems. Mountain men brought new ideas to the forest and new ways to solve problems. Companies (patrols) will divide into 2-man teams and each team can wield a bucksaw. Teams can cut two disks which will be branded and can be taken home as souvenirs. Good hand-eye coordination along with teamwork makes for success! If time permits adult participants will be allowed to be cut-ups too.

Black Powder Rifle Shooting: (if permitted, else Spear Throwing) Knowledge of and skill in the use of firearms was almost as essential as knowing to build a fire. Without a good rifle the mountain man was severely handicapped. Sharpshooting meant the difference between life and death, eating well and starvation. Standard black powder precussion type rifles will be used to demonstrate and instruct participants in the proper use and safety. All youth participants (with parental approval) will be allowed to fire the rifles. If time permits, adult participants can give it a try also.

Flapjack’s Game: Observation of the smallest detail was necessary to trap game, put food on the table and survive in the wilderness. This Mountain Man skill is a twist on the well known Kim’s game. It will test your powers of observation and memory in a totally different way. An event for all.

Mountain Man Craft: A craft item for all to make.

Indian Sign Language: The ability to communicate to obtain information or to coordinate the actions of a team has always been a hallmark of civilization. A Native American from one tribe may not have been able to talk to those of another tribe but sign language was understood by all the tribes. Try your hand at a different way to talk!


Company (Patrol) Yell: The Company (Patrol) Yell is to be given to anyone as designated by the Booshway in Indian sign language. Designation, by means of attire, will be announced at the Leader’s meeting. Each designated person will have a way to acknowledge the company (patrol) giving their “yell.”

Company Emblem (Patrol Flag): Companies (Patrols) are to carry their flag to all activities. Emblems (flags) to be presented at HQ for judging at designated time (8 AM Saturday) and will be available for pickup just prior to the opening flag ceremony. Use your imagination here people! Elements used to judge the emblems are: Unit number on flag, Company (Patrol) name on flag, emblem (flag) attached to a “flag pole,” originality of design and use of materials and how well does flag reflect the name of the company and the Mountain Man theme.

Costume Competition: Individuals and Companies (Patrols) wishing to enter are to be present, in costume, at the Opening Flag Ceremony (9 AM Saturday.) Although judging will be influenced by popular vote and input by the staff, originality and adherence to period dress will be reviewed. Companies (patrols) should carry their Company Emblem (Patrol flag) with them. The Booshway will be the final judge of this competition.

John Coulter Run: This competition will start and finish at the same location. It is a timed Run, not overall time, but the elapsed time each Company (Patrol) uses for each of the events of the Run. Each Company will proceed from event to event as a group, the entire Company must be present at each event in order for the Company to compete. The Company’s time for each event will be marked on their scorecard. Company with best time (least amount of elapsed time) will be declared the winner. In the unlikely event of a tie the recognition received for Company Yell will be used as a tiebreaker.
Time will be subtracted at certain events for proficiency, added at others for lack thereof. Companies are admonished to choose their participants wisely!

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