Cycling Merit Badge

Troop 693 is now starting a Cycling Merit Badge session starting on March 9, 2014. Requirements for this merit badge can be found in the Cycling Merit Badge Handbook and worksheet. The Cycling Merit Badge can be used instead of swimming or hiking towards the Eagle Rank. We plan to use ROAD Bikes for this merit badge. This entails documenting and participating in the following rides: 2 (two) 10 milers, 2 ( two) 15 milers, 2 ( two) 25 milers and 1 (one) 50 miler to be completed in 8 hours or less.

Our first meeting on March 9, 2014 will include a bicycle and safety inspection.

The second meeting is on March 22, 2014. The worksheets are expected to be completed on this date, excluding documentation of the required bike rides - BLUE CARDS WILL BE ISSUED ONCE THIS IS DONE.

Remember to complete a Troop Permission Slip for this activity.

Future dates for rides are:

10 miler: 3/9, 3/22,
15 miles: 3/30, 4/5
25 miler: 4/26, 5/3
50 miler: 5/17

Start Date: Sunday, March 9th, 2014 8:00 AM

End Date: Sunday, May 17th, 2014

CERRITOS REGIONAL PARK @8:00 am, Tennis Court Parking Lot off 195th Street at the designated dates.

Forms Needed: CyclingMeritBadge Permission Slip

Coordinator: Dennis Gorospe

Need to bring: HELMET and GLOVES

form:

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