Conflict Resolution

In our Troop, as in all organizations, there may be problems that may arise. If there is a problem or a question or a concern, we encourage all people in the Troop to directly speak to the person involved. While emails are quick and convenient, they do not always insure understanding. A direct conversation – either in person or on the phone – is a much better way to communicate….especially if there is a problem to be resolved.

If speaking directly to the person does not resolve the issue, then it should be raised to the Troop Committee Chair. If that does not resolve the issue, then the issue should be raised at the Troop Committee meeting which is open to all parents in the Troop and occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Check the Troop Calendar for exact dates. If the issue still remains unresolved, then the matter should be raised with the Los Angeles Area Council / Frontier District Executive.

All communications are to be polite and respectful (A scout is… friendly, courteous, kind…)

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