Committee Meeting September 2015

Date: Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

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Troop Agenda

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Count of Attendees: 22 (see page 5)

Committee Chair (CC): Carl Wong

- Welcome committee members to a new school year 2015-2016
- Introduce new items for discussion:
o Troop Website: see under Webmasters
o Florida Seabase; Log Cabin: see under Trailmaster
o Sub-committee 2016 Outing Budget: see under Treasurer
o Fundraising: Asked committee members to look into other ideas

Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
- Working with Scribe regarding performance
- Will not be at Annual Planning but already worked with SPL and ASPLs to prepare.
- Will try a new method of taking names of scouts who vote for a certain outings
- Scouts will take the lead in announcements of outings

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Victor P
- Commented on Justin K Eagle Project and its completion.

Treasurer: Eliza Ma

- Financial Report on File.
- Committee approved to subsidize $200/person for 2015 Philmont crew.
- Glenn N had given his ok to release the remaining balance of Experian Fund of $1,900.00 which will be applied to the total of $4,200.00 subsidy. Balance will come from the High Adventure Fund ($200.00) and Outing Subsidy Budget ($2,100.00).
- Committee approved to keep the existence of High Adventure Fund to give extra subsidy to future high adventure outings. The sub-committee for Outing Subsidy Budget will recommend how much will be allocated to this Fund.
Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
- In the process of researching new t-shirt for the troop.
- Purchased 4 replacement filters.
- Plan to divide equipment to different patrols
- Will not get smaller belt for backpacks in time for October outing.
- Suggestions from others: To take photos of inventories; Reinforce the practice of having an Outing QM for each trip to be responsible for equipment.
Registration: Jenny Song

- No report

Eagle Guide: Jeanne Cha & Rajiv Agrawal

- Not much change since previous month
- Justin K completed his eagle project
- Dylan S getting ready for his project on 9/19/15
- Manav R and Victor P in the pipeline
- Michael C and Andrew C in the preliminary stages

Trail to 1st Class: Mike Simko

- No report

Advancement: Joseph Antonio, Greg Tecson

- August 2015 BOR:
o Ethan L – 2nd Class
o Brandon C – 2n Class
o Kevin G – 1st Class
o Mohit A – 2nd Class
- September 2015 BOR:
o William W – Star
o Brian H – Star
o Dylan W - Life

Webmasters: Not in Attendance

- CC suggests a sub-committee to explore either a re-design of the current troop website to make contents easier to find, or migrate to a new one. CC also wants to explore using Social Media. SM reminded the committee that BSA has its policy regarding Social Media to protect the safety and privacy of the scouts.

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu

- No Report

Community Service: Not in Attendance

- CHOC Walk – low participation as of to date
- La Palma Parade on November 14, 2015 (due date to register Sep 26). Committee approved to participate. Warned of conflict with Horseback Riding on the same day.

Adult Training: Chandy Gunawardhana

- The Rio Hondo District is holding a Leader Specific Training on Sept. 19 and an Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills on Oct. 3-4. Attendance to both events is required to earn the Trained patch.

Trailmaster: Art Chang

- Reminded new parents regarding Backpack Training session on Saturday (9/12/15)
- Considering changing location of backpack training hike from El Dorado park to another place that is not flat.
- Hoping that Log Cabin will get some participation in 2016.

Outing Chair: Charles Cho

- Reminded troop re Annual Planning event on Saturday starting at 10 am.


Charles C commented that without much rain Philmont is more enjoyable.
Suggests train as a better transportation vs airplane.

Deep Sea Fishing:
Mike Simko presented the final report. A surplus of $26.50 was reported.
Adult Potluck Party:
Will be on September 20, 2015 at 5pm at the Wongs residence.
CC plans to mix socializing with some discussion re scouting.
Beach Outing:
Luke C reported low number of participants (total 6 incl adults)
Committee members think that there will be more sign-ups closer to the date.

October Backpacking:
Joseph Antonio is still looking for a good destination. Already surveyed two places (Henninger Flat and Hoagees) but water is not available. Will survey Mt. Lowe Trail Camp this Sunday (9/13)
Horseback Riding:
Glenn Hiu presented the budget. Cost is estimated at $20 per scout.
Location: Burbank/Griffith Park
Holiday Party:
Gregg Tecson reported that downpayment/reservation is done.
Location at Skyzone. Cost is $20 per scout.

Next Meeting: TUESDAY, October 13 , 2015 @ 7 PM – Carmenita Middle School

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