Committee Meeting October 2015

Date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School

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Troop 693
Committee Meeting Minutes
Carmenita Middle School
October 13, 2015

Count of Attendees: 22 (see page 5)

Committee Chair (CC): Carl Wong

MB Day on 10/10/15 attended by 4 scouts from T693 due to late announcement from Frontier District. District needs MB Counselors to teach. Carl will send out notices 2 months prior to the next MB Day if any counselor will volunteer to teach.
2017 National Jamboree will be held at Summit, West Virginia
2019 World Jamboree will be held at Summit, West Virginia
2015 Scouting for Food is canceled by Frontier District. Committee voted to do our own Scouting for Food. Carl will contact Council for door hangers and permission.
Next Committee Meeting will be on November 17, 2015 instead of second Tuesday of the month due to CC’s conflict of schedule.
Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe
New ASMs completed their trainings: Marcus Surjopolos, Steve Clinton and James Ho
Need ASMs to help SM on sign offs of requirements
SM/ASM Meeting at the Library to discuss Scout Leadership Applications
Planning an ILST Training on a Saturday in November for the new leadership
One scout from T1005 interested in transferring to our troop
There are new rank requirements for 2016 (see Trail to First Class)
A new way of scouts getting involved in outing preparation/announcement is starting

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Victor P
Not in Attendance

Treasurer: Eliza Ma

Financial Report on File.
Outing budget for past year is on target

New Outing Budget for 2016 approved by committee members
Carl needs input for new fundraising ideas to increase income of troop

Quartermaster: Scott Kotake
Research for new t-shirt continues. Steve Clinton suggests “Badger Sports”
Eric Aune submitted a new design. CC suggested to get others to submit design for new t-shirts to be voted on.
Still has 6 backpacks left to sell. Committee suggests to return & exchange to better model that will fit younger/smaller scouts.
Experimenting with handing out equipment and tents early so scouts can check for missing items/damages.
Registration: Jenny Song

Not in Attendance
Carl needs someone who is not registered with the troop to replace Mrs. P. Davis as Chartered Organization’s representative.
Recharter packet received & given to Jenny. Rechartering process is underway.

Eagle Guide: Jeanne Cha & Rajiv Agrawal

Dylan S completed his eagle project.
Samuel C ready for Troop Character Board
Michael C ready to move forward with planning; Andrew C in pipeline.
Special discussion re Isaac S situation when his project was completed in December 2014 but he did not get the necessary District approval prior to the project execution. After a meeting with District Chair and going through different options, including an appeal to District/Council, Isaac S has decided to do another project.

Trail to 1st Class: Mike Simko

Explained changes in requirements for 2016.
Jeanne Cha will work with scouts who are Star, Life, Eagle scouts re changes.
Has planned some activities to fulfill requirements, including during the backpacking trip in October 2015.
Already asked help from SPL to do some training for a couple of skills.
Cub Scout Liaison: Steve Clinton
Plans to visit P673 to introduce himself and invite Webelos den to visit.
Scheduled visits:
October 19, 2015 P673 visit
November 9, 2015 P529 visit

Advancement: Joseph Antonio, Greg Tecson

No report

Webmasters: Gemini Chang & Sharon Wang

Gemini presented a proposal to start a new website for T693 using Weebly.
Committee approved the proposal including buying a domain name for T693 ($12/year)

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu

Medical Forms Expiration dates updated online
Carl asking about the liability issue if a doctor in our troop signs off on part C for the scouts and adults.
Marcus Surjopolos Sr completed Wilderness First Aid Training.
Mark Ingram will hold a First Aid MB class on January 9, 2016.
Carl wants to know if troop will subsidize if many adults take the training.
Suggestion is to train those who are active in outings. Santos Kadi will check on the amount of troop subsidy for training (believes it is $1,000.00/year for adults and scouts).

Community Service: Henry lee

Compton Initiative canceled. Next one available is January 30, 2016

Second Harvest Foodbank on Wednesday, 11/25/15.
Cancel Food Drive plan due to our own T693 Scouting for Food

Adult Training: Chandy Gunawardhana

Informed committee members that on second Monday of every month there will be a training session with different topics. Chandy asks for ideas from committee members.
November 2015: Merit Badge Counselors (Glenn Nishibayashi & Larry Stern)
December 2015: Youth Protection Training (Christina Preciado)
January 2016: Life to Eagle (Alok Sancheti)
University of Scouting – December 5, 2015

Trailmaster: Art Chang

Training at Signal Hill was successfully done.
Discussed the minimum age requirement for Philmont 2017. While in the past the troop had voted to require scouts to be 14 as of January 1, last night the committee decided that it should be judged on a case by case basis, and followed Philmont’s requirement to be 14 years old by the date.
Log Cabin may require same age requirement like Philmont, but based on their low attendance, in may not happen. Art already submitted application for 1 crew.

Outing Chair: Charles Cho

Not in Attendance
Carl presented 2016 Outings Budget with a total of $10,950.00
Committee approved 2016 Outing Budget.


Beach Outing:
Financial report presented by Carl – surplus of $169
October Backpacking:
Joseph Antonio needs additional drivers, cars and Adventure passes
Horseback Riding:
Glenn Hiu reported 3 scouts signed up so far.
Holiday Party:
Gregg Tecson reported that 20 people is the minimum for the event.

Price is $25/person includes 2 slices of pizza, drink and unlimited games
Ski Outing 2016:
Needs coordinators. Possible that James Ho will switch from Whitewater Rafting to Ski Outing.
Summer Camp 2016:
Steve Clinton reported a difference in price. If we start on Sunday it is $390, but if on Monday it is $305.
A suggestion to charter a bus by Glenn Nishibayashi for the long ride.
Northern Tier 2016:
Dennis Gorospe reported a kick-off meeting was held to give information to scouts and parents regarding what is ahead. Some canoe training is scheduled.

Next Meeting: TUESDAY, November 17 , 2015 @ 7 PM – Carmenita Middle School


Santos Kadi
Greg Tecson
Jackie Lee
Scott Kotake
Mark Ingram
Luke Chen
Dennis Gorospe
Mike Simko
Steve Clinton
Jeanne Cha
Joseph Antonio
Art Chang
Glenn Hiu
Eliza Ma
Chandy Gunawardhana
Sharon Wang
Henry Lee
Frances Gorospe

Rajiv Agrawal
Glenn Nishibayashi
Marcus Surjopolos
Gemini Chang

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