Committee Meeting October 2013

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 2013 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Dennis Gorospe
Total present: 22

Troop Agenda

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Eagle Project Proposal

  • Patrick De La Fuente project was approved. His project is to restock the emergency kits for Cerritos High School. As suggested by the Committee, Patrick will expand the scope of his project to provide for significant improvements than what is now in place at the school.

Committee Reports

Committee Chair Report

Dennis G.

  • Thanks Ms. Kelkar for helping out with Scouting for Food.
  • Thanks everyone for a successful potluck.
  • We thank the Gorospe for hosting the event. Food/drinks were plenty and phenomenal.
  • Expanded on adherence to the “2 deep leadership” requirement with respect to email communication.
  • Budget subsidy for outings in 2014 has been approved from our sub-finance committee.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Inappropriate forwarded emails were accidently distributed among District, Council members, Merit Badge counselors and unfortunately to the scouts . Parents are advised to discuss this with their sons and delete the email.

Junior ASM Report

  • Patrick discussed with SPL regarding ways to improve overall scouting meeting, outing and experience. Patrick suggests that in order for the JASM to be successful, JASM roles and responsibility needs to be clearly defined so that it can be more structured.
  • Committee Chair suggests that JASM could report on the Eagle Project results, lessons learned and feedback.

Treasurer Report

Eliza Ma

  • Financial report on File

Quartermaster Report

Scott K.

  • Received backpack frame from Glenn N.
  • Committee approved of reimbursing Glenn for the frame
  • Top of the flag medallion needs replacement
  • Troop T-shirts (class b) are available at cost

Registration Report

  • BSA registration fee to increase to $24 for 2014

Eagle Guide

Chauchan, [Maha Sadras], Cristina Preciado

  • 3-4 scouts are preparing for Eagle Character Board.
  • Ashok is working on building an online database of Eagle candidates use for tracking his progress, records, advisor’s comments and dates of achievements. Only selected individuals to have access.

Trail to 1st Class

Charles Cho

  • Flag ceremony requirements were completed
  • Need to discuss with SM regarding what further requirements need to get sign-off from summer camp.


Grace(nia), [Melody (nia), Jeanne, Glenn H. (nia)]

  • Multiple scouts had their BOR and passed for September.
  • List of scouts shown on overhead projector
  • Quality Unit Patch 2012 – suspended; Will submit form for 2013 QU patch

Webmaster’s Report

Sissy Yoh, Sharon Wang(not in attendance)

  • Webmaster is trained.
  • 2014 calendar of events is up on website.

Medicals Chair Report

Santos Kadi– Completed updating medical forms with matching information on our website.

  • Event Coordinator can rely on the medical forms posted on the website and determined if the medical has expired or not.

Outings Chair

Jay Chiang

  • Discussed backpacking trip possible cancellation due to government shutdown.
  • Alternate sites were proposed. Committee defer decision to Outing Chair and Coordinator.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
TBD Philmont - 2015 Chad Hoang Philmont Sign up with Council for 2015 starts in November.
Aug 24-25 Fishing-2013 Glenn Hiu, Dennis Huang Silverado Lake Wrapped up. Scouts had a good time.
Sep 14-15 Beach Trip - 2013 Jackie Lee, Chandy G, Jeanne 5 adults and 15 scouts are signed-up. On schedule.
Oct 13 CHOC Walk - 2013 Jeanne Cha, Carl Wong Troop is registered. All are encouraged to participate.
Oct 19-20 Backpacking - October 2013 Carl Wong, Jay Chiang Cedar Glenn Budget approved at $15/scout
Nov 16-17 Bike Camping - November 2013 Santos Kadi, Yi Chu 2 routes will be planned, 1 a shorter one and another longer one for older scouts. Budget approved.
Dec 14 Holiday - Dec 2013 Lillibelle Reyes Buena Park John’s Incredible Pizza. Budget approved.
Jan 11-12 Sports Outing - Jan 2014 Chad Hoang, Glenn Hiu Firestone Submitted application to Firestone for reservation of campsite. On schedule.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  • Community Service to Long Beach shelter is scheduled on November 10.

Veteran’s Day Ceremony at City of Cerritos is scheduled on November 11 to share, commemorate and display the certificate and the encased U.S. flag that was raised by our Troop on the USS Arizona in Hawaii on July 4, 2013.

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer camps:
  • 2014 - Forest Lawn Camp
  • 2015 - Kern Camp
  • 2016 - Emerald Bay

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: November 12th, 2013 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School

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