Committee Meeting November 2014

Date: Wednesday, Nov 12th, 2014 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School (Class room 607)

Minutes of October link:

Troop Agenda

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Count of Attendees: 19

Committee Chair: Santos Kadi

- A visit by Pack 529 is scheduled this next Monday troop meeting. Project about 7 scouts to bridge over to our Troop. Another 5 scouts from Pack 673.
- Discussed tradition, pro/cons of Eagle COH when scouts turn Eagle. Troop decided to waive acknowledgement of Eagle Scout at regular quarterly COH.

Scoutmaster: Dennis Gorospe

- Busy with SM conferences, leadership application and pre-eagle meetings
- Discussed cost related to scouts joining our Troop and later decided not to continue. Suggest charging $50 membership fees upon joining to mitigate upfront costs incurred by the Troop.
- Orienteering is scheduled this weekend.
- Rearranging patrol members to balance ratio of older to younger scouts as older scouts aged out or scouts are no longer member of the troop.

Treasurer: Eliza Ma

- Financial Report on File.

Quartermaster: Scott Kotake

- Continues to closely monitor tents and equipment for damages. Suggest training and additional practices for those that needs gentle reminder of the proper care of troop equipments

Registration: Jenny Song

- Registration is at 55 scouts. Remind everyone to go online and take and pass YPT training and obtain certificate, if it expires this year. (2 years certification)

Eagle Guide: Ashok Chauhan / Jeanne Cha

- Presented a list/schedule of scouts in progress of obtaining their Eagle Rank at various stages.
- 2015-2016 – scouts in the pipeline for Eagle Projects: 12

Trail to 1st Class: Charles Cho ,

- Orienteering is being plan for at Cerritos Regional Park

Advancement: Grace Lee, Joseph Antonio, Linda Phong, Greg Tecson.

- Advancement team is busy with scouts request for Board of Review (BOR)
- Troop next Court of Honor (COH) is on 12/1/14 at CMS

Webmasters: Rajiv Agrawal, Sharon Wang, Minchi Cheng

- No report
Email to Troop693@moc.elgoog|retsambew#moc.elgoog|retsambew, for any posting requests.

Medical Chair: Glenn Hiu

- No Report

Outing Chair: Jay Chiang

- January outing needs additional parent to attend outing as one of the coordinator decided to discontinue with scouting.
- Future outings such as Grand Canyon and Deep Sea Fishing is in need of additional parent volunteer.

Community Service - Sissy, Henry Lee

- 2nd Harvest is coming up, to be coordinated by Henry Lee. Planning for November 22, 2014
- Limted to 8 scouts (first come, first serve) for this outing.
- Brought up Community Garden Project at Griffith Middle School if anyone may be interested. If so, we can schedule it for the 1st Quarter of 2015.
- Flag Day – Glenn N. suggested a community service project where our troop commemorates Flag Day by retiring the flag. It can lead to a big annual event by coordinating with the City Council, School Board Members, City & Park Recreation Department. The event can be a whole day event if enough flags are donated that need retiring. If flags are nylon, then we would recycle as it byproduct are environmentally toxic.
- Events/Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
Sep 13-14 Beach Outing- Sep 2014 Anjali Atkins/Chandanika Gunawardena Mission Bay Aquatic Center no report
2015 Philmont Chad H. Adult meeting is on schedule to meet after backpacking trip. Crew has been split into two. Training hikes are scheduled in March, May and June. Travel arrangements are heavily in discussion.
Oct Backpacking- Oct 2014 Scott Kotake / Jay Chiang Final actual expenses are not ready for presentation. The event was successful. Suggested that we survey a little bit more open space given the amount of participants on this trip.
Nov 8-9 Rock Climbing - 2014 Chad H. and J. Jahic Joshua National Park Trip was a success. Everyone enjoyed the clear and bright moon sky at night. We camp right next to a rock formation where scouts climb up in the early morning to watch the sun rise. Temperature at Joshua National Park was un-seasonally warm and mild for this time of year.
Dec 13 Holiday Party - 2014 Eliza Ma Golfland Rate: $12.50/scout $17.50/adult
Jan 10-11, 2015 Cope And Ziplining - 2015 Hannah Lee, Dennis Huang Costs: $85/scout – it is a 2 hours course of ziplining. Campsite is about a 30 minutes walking distance away from the zipline course.
Jan 31- Feb 2, 2015 snow-trip-2015 Sissy Yoh, Charles Wei Taking sign up at next troop meeting and Troop approved for a $10 increase in subsidy for this February Snow outing.
Feb 20, 2015 green-and-gold-2015 Serena Szu, Jin Yim, Jenny Song Coordinator asking for donation. Plan to work with parents on the donation. Budget proposal for this event is $10/person. Raffle tickets will be on sale at $10 for 12 tickets.
July 5-11, 2015 summer-camp-2015 Art Chang, Henry Lee, Chandy Gunawardana Cherry Valley, Catalina Island. Costs is $525/scouts; Sign up and deposit of $150 to reserve a spot for Summer Camp at Cherry Valley, Catalina Island.

Next Committee Meeting: TUESDAY, December 9 , 2014 @ 7 PM – CMSchool

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