Committee Meeting - November 2012

Date: Tuesday, November 11th, 2012 - 7:00 PM
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Santos Kadi
Total present: 20

Troop Agenda

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Eagle Project Proposal

  • Kevin Chang presented his eagle project that consisted of restoration of fences at New Life Community Church.
  • He will be restoring fence by removing rust and fixing corrosion as well as painting the fence. He will need 25 scouts over a two-day period.
  • The committee approved his project and the dates he is looking for are January 5 and January 12.

Committee Reports

Committee Chair Report

Santos Kadi

  • Promoted of University of Scouting Websites and encourages everyone (specially new parents) as well as scouts to take advantage of the classes offered in order to help the future of our troop.

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • New Green Bar and Patrols are set for the new leadership term.
  • Had 8 scoutmaster conferences. All went well. 1 Tenderfoot, 1 2nd class, 1 1st class, 2 Life and 2 Eagle.

Treasurer Report

Eliza Ma

  • Balance on File
  • Jay Chiang is receiving $200 from his employer (Community Grant he applied for) was donated.

Quartermaster Report

Victor Hsiang

  • Purchase of digital device for troop

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang

  • 70 registered- ½ the parents need to renew youth protection training.

Eagle Guide

Maha Sadras

  • Vignesh (successfully passed his District BOR) Victor (had his SMC and will be going for a Troop BOR)
  • Ansh (successfully passed the Troop BOR)
  • Brandon (had his SMC and will be having Troop BOR within a week).
  • ALL are working toward completing their eagle process and are almost done.

Trail to 1st Class

Dennis Gorospe

  • Majority of the first year scouts had completed the Map and Compass/Physical fitness for tenderfoot, however there are a few he is still working with who are still struggling.


Melody, Grace, Chandy, Jeanne (none in attendance), Uttara (none in attendance)

  • Court of Honor is ready to go for Monday, November 26th . We have 2 MC’s coordinating.
  • Budget for food will be $200. Suggested only snacks this time.
  • BOR for these past two months (October- 1 First class, 1 Eagle, November – 1 Eagle, 1 Tenderfoot, 2 First Class, and 2 Life)

Webmaster’s Report

MinChi Cheng (not in attendance)

Medicals Chair Report

Jay Shin

  • All medical records expiration dates are posted on the troop website, check to see if your medicals have expired. There are many scouts and adults that need to be updated. Do not wait until an outing to get that medical record taken care of. Make it a point to renew the same time every year.

Outings Chair

Jay Chiang (not in attendance)

  • There are guidelines regarding coordinating outings, but Jay would like to hold a parent meeting during a Monday troop meeting to debrief coordinators about steps required in preparation for all outings (presenting details of outing, budget, subsidy, posting information on website, forms that must be completed for outing if exist, tour permit and troop permission etc).

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Location Notes
Oct 20 Backpacking - October 2012 Anjali Atkins, Vasantha Sripathi San Jacinto Many of the scouts and adults had altitude sickness.
Maybe we should reconsider this place as a first backpacking outing.
Victor Hsiangs filters were broken during the backpacking outing. Santos has asked the committee to pay for the replacement of the filter. Since no one in the troop wants to step up for breaking it. The committee approved.
Oct 27, Nov 3 Scouting for Food - 2012 Shalu Chauhan, Uttara Kelkar Sunshine Park 860 items were collected, 39 scouts participated.
Nov 17-18 Rock Climbing - 2012 Jas Jahic Joshua National Park 35 scouts and 4 adults attending
1 Breakfast, 2 lunch and 1dinner. Scouts will be working on their 1st or 2nd class requirement for cooking.
Scouts will be working on the rock climbing merit badge and will earn it as long all requirements are finished.
Dec 15 Holiday Party - 2012 Quintin Sumabat Laser Tag No report
Jan 12-31 COPE - 2013 Chad Hoang Irvine Ranch Irvine Ranch Outdoor Center
Cost will be $45/scout, Total cost is $1400 ( Subsidy $25)
Minimum age is 13 years for High Cope, 6 -10 scouts have shown interest. Younger than 13 will participate in LOW COPE
Will have team building activities, COPE courses for scouts and Ziplining
Jan 26-27 Snow Trip - 2013 Sissy Yoh , Cynthia Chen Big Bear Bear Mountain in Big Bear CA
Cost will consist of Outing Fee (Scouts $60, Siblings $100, Adults Free) and Sport Package (This part depends if they have their own equipment/need lessons and if they will be skiing/snowboarding for both days)
Deposit of $50 is needed by Dec. 17 due to limited lodging space.
Saturday and Sunday lunches will be on your own. Food vouchers available for $10 ($13 value) and $12 ($16 value)
Scouts are required to wear a helmet- rental fee $7 per day
Feb 8 Green and Gold - 2013 Linda Phong, S. Youn, Su Y Kim, Sharon Xu Skyline Room, Cerritos Library. Food will be the same as last year (Chinese food)
Donations are very much needed for the raffle

Discussion Items and Other Business:

  • Subsidy was brought up in concern for the high adventure outings (Philmont, Hawaii, Long Term). It seems that these outings are not being subsidized enough and are very costly as well. Comparison between outings should be addressed, Fun outing subsidy (Holiday Party) and Court of Honor expenses (food expenses) evaluated for future outings. Tabled to next meeting.
  • Wait List Opening for February- Only 2 out of the 3 scouts will be joining from T529. Eric is okay with allowing all 6 scouts from the wait list to join T693.
  • Bullying Issue at Summer Camp - 2012 – 4 first year scouts harassed by a 14-year-old boy form another troop. Boys were pulled out talked to. Camp Mataguay staff took control of the situation. Our troop needs to reassure and reiterate Safety precautions and Buddy System. If they feel threatened in any way they should tell an adult immediately after the incident occurs. Green Bar has been suggested to address this issue further during a scout meeting.

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Committee will be setup to plan for summer camps for future years

Medical Forms

Expiry date of Medical form can be found ad Medical Form Expiry

Next Committee Meeting: December 11 2012 @ 7PM, Carmenita Middle School

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