Committee Meeting - November 2008

ASM Meeting: Held before at 6:30 PM
Where: Carmenita Middle School
When: Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Time : 7:00 PM
Chaired by: Chad T Hoang
Total present: 11

Committee Chair

Chad Hoang

  • Recognition of those who completed the SM / ASM Training at the Long Beach Council: Victor Hsiang, Frances and Dennis Gorospe, Chad Hoang, Andrew Chien, Christina Preciado. Alok Sancheti

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Scoutmaster Conference - 3 Scoutmaster Conferences reported: (1 - Tenderfoot, 1 - Star, and 1 - Life)
  • Reviewed menus for backpack trip and will have Scouts redo their menus at the next meeting to be more appropriate for a backpack trip.

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong (not in attendance)

  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).

Quartermaster Report

Bryan Johnson and Peter Prana

  • There are at least 6 backpack tents missing from the Troop inventory. Michael Chern needs to get as many Troop backpack tents as possible for the upcoming backpack trip November 15/16 given the large number of Scouts going on this outing. The Troop owns 17 backpack tents – 7 of which were purchased within the past 2 years.

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang

  • 2/3rds of the Scouts have completed the 2009 Registration. Will try and have all registration complete by December 10th District Roundtable meeting.

Eagle Guide

Glenn Nishibayashi

  • LK must complete Life Board of Review by 11/20/08 in order to be able to complete the requirements for Eagle by his 18th birthday.
  • SL is in the process of getting his Eagle Project approved by Frontier District. He needs to have all Eagle requirements completed by his 18th birthday, 1/15/09.
  • AC is awaiting his Eagle Character Board.

Trail to 1st Class

Maja Sadras (not in attendance)

  • 1st Class Orienteering requirement session was held by Terry Domae on 11/2/08 at Cerritos Regional Park. 8 Scouts were in attendance. Scouts did not complete all requirements due to darkness. They will have the opportunity to complete the remaining requirements at the backpack training hike Nov. 8.

Advancement Report

Susan Chung (not in attendance), Melody Chang, and Jill Villaseca (not in attendance)

  • Board of Review scheduled for November 20th.
  • All scouts need to remember to bring their scout book the first meeting of every month so that the records are complete and up to date.

Webmaster’s Report

Alok Sancheti

  • When posting pictures on the website, please “crop” them (make them smaller) so they don’t use as much memory on the website.
  • Alok is willing to train adults to post information for events and outings themselves.
  • Also send any updated info to Alok which you would like to see on Calendar.

Event Updates

William Chen

  • Remember Medicals (Class 3) for adults registered in troop are required if you are participating on High Adventure Outing. No exceptions.

Community Relations

Jeanne Cha (not in attendance) and Jovita Fuente (not in attendance)

  • Next service project is at Second Harvest Farming in Irvine. Approximately 30 volunteers are needed. We have 12 interested scouts so far, but we need 25-30 in order to be able to pick our own date or we will have to join another group.
  • Looking for ideas for community service projects. Any ideas let Jeanne Cha know so that she can look into it.

Adult Training

No Updates.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Eagle Projects

No Updates

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Mammoth Caverns (2008)
  • Summer Camp: Cherry Valley (2009)
  • Summer Camp: Camp Witsett (2010)
  • Sumer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)
  • Check out new Calendar - 2008, Calendar - 2009 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in prepartation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Notes
Nov 15-16 Backpacking Trip - November 2008 Michael Chern 5 mile hike at Icehouse Island. Total 54 signed up - 35 Scouts / 19 adults. 13 are Philmont 2009 crew members and will hike separately. Michael will work with Bryan Johnson to insure we have enough tents and stoves for the outing.
December 13 Holiday Party - December 2008 Christina Preciado Laser Tag in Fullerton. Information was distributed at Mondays troop meeting. Details on Calendar Site
January 31/February 1 Bike Camping - January 2009 Terri Botello/Alok Sancheti Unable to find company that will do Zip Line for the January outing. Decision was made to substitute a bike outing to Santa Fe Dam. Terrie will make the campsite reservation. Alok will coordinate the bike riding for this outing. This outing will be in preparation for the Long Term 100 Mile Bike Ride / White Water Rafting trip
February 27-March 1 Snow Trip - February 2009 Andrew Chien Moved due to lodging availability. Details to come

Discussion Items

  1. February 8, 2009 at 1pm: Sunshine Park – Loring Hughes Memorial Flagpole dedication ceremony will be held. Troops from Cerritos and Cub Scout Pack 529 will be invited to participate in this ceremony. Also, Congresswoman Sanchez, County Supervisor Knabe, Cerritos City Council members, and Cerritos Parks and Recreation Commission members will be invited to attend.
  2. November 28-30 – AYSO Region 54 Soccer Tournament: 11 Scouts have signed up to help at the tournament. Volunteering for at least 8 hours can fulfill one of the requirements for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge. Adult volunteers are needed to help supervise. Contact Glenn Nishibayashi if interested.
  3. November 8 at 1pm: Backpack training hike. Meet at El Dorado Neighborhood Library in Long Beach for a backpack inspection followed by a training hike around El Dorado Nature Center. 1st time backpackers are highly encouraged to attend and should bring fully packed backpacks. Contact Glenn Nishibayashi for questions.

Medical Forms

Medical forms will be updated soon

Scout Expired On
Scout-Rafael Moran 05/10/2008
Scout-Breik Tameem 05/10/2008
Scout-Bryan Hofmann 05/14/2008
Scout-Branden Pirkl 05/14/2008
Scout-Jason Wiguna 06/08/2008
Scout-Justin Wiguna 06/11/2008
Scout-Joseph Moon 06/12/2008
Scout-Patrick De La Fuente 06/20/2008
Scout-Eric Pranadjaja 06/21/2008
Scout-Nitin Sadras 06/21/2008
Scout-Stephen Lee 06/26/2008
Scout-Eric Banuelos 07/17/2008
Scout-Bruce Shiao 07/30/2008
Scout-Raul Parikh 07/31/2008
Scout-Kyle Shimoda 08/22/2008
Scout-Andrew Park 08/29/2008

Next Comittee Meeting: December 9, 2008 at 7:00 PM @ Carmenita Middle School.

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