Committee Meeting - May 2009

Assistant Scoutmaster Meeting

  • 5 present
  • Distribution of ASM Patrol assignments. An updated list will be emailed to all ASM.
  • Discussed Leadership Training in June and the opportunity for ASM to overlook scouts who are participating in this event.
  • Each ASM will help in overlooking scouts postions and responsibilities and follow up with them occasionally. We strongly recommend scouts who are 13 and over to attend, so to learn the leadership skills to work with the younger scouts.
  • We also need an ASM or two to volunteer to 'oversee' the troop quartermaster, to come up with a protocol for troop equipment return and re-check at troop meetings

Where: Carmenita Middle School
When: Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Time : 7:00 PM
Chaired by: Chad T Hoang
Total present: 24

Eagle Project Proposal

  • JM projects consist of making 6 wooden boxes at Tetzlaff Middle School for Artesia High School Early Intervention Program. Project has not been approved by committee yet. Incomplete project, details and dates must be verified. JM will be reevaluated next committee meeting.

Committee Chair

Chad Hoang

  • REI Sale on sleeping bags (cats meow) -20% off if apply for their membership

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Scoutmaster Conference - Some Scoutmaster Conferences held. No specifics given.
  • Confirmed that LK completed last Merit Badge
  • Troop Leadership Training tentative Date: Saturday-June 13, 2009 (7 boys have shown interest in attending so far).

Treasurer Report

Mi Kyong

  • Concern with balance still due for Summer Camp due to 4 spots not being filled yet. Committee approved to give up the 4 spots to another troop who may need them. Christina will contact Cherry Valley to find out their refund policy immediately.
  • Ending cash balance (Details on file).

Quartermaster Report

Bryan Johnson and Peter Prana(not in attendance)

  • Discussion regarding the efficiency of gear being returned. Suggestion regarding scout quartermaster delegating to each patrol leader a list of item checked out to each scout to help in collecting and checking in items after each outing. An ASM or two can be assigned to 'oversee' the troop quartermaster, to come up with a protocol for troop equipment return and re-check at troop meetings

Registration Report

Cynthia Dang (not in attendance)

Eagle Guide

//Glenn Nishibayashi //

  • LK has completed all required merit badges and is ready to for his Scoutmaster conference and Troop Eagle BOR.

Trail to 1st Class

Maja Sadras

  • LK wants to work on putting together a mini rank advancement to help the incoming scouts earn the rank of tenderfoot prior to summer camp attendance. Detail will be given later. Maja will conference with him.
  • Swimming Merit Badge was a success. 4/5 scouts finished the requirements for the merit badge. Kathy will be following up with each of them for completion of the merit badge requirements.

Advancement Report

Susan Chung (not in attendance), Melody Chang, and Jill Villaseca (not in attendance)

  • Friday 5/15/09 LK Eagle BOR.
  • Next Board of Review scheduled for May 5/21/09.
  • All scouts need to remember to bring their scout book the first meeting of every month so that the records are complete and up to date.

Webmaster’s Report

Alok Sancheti

  • When posting pictures on the website, please “crop” them (make them smaller) so they don’t use as much memory on the website.
  • Alok is willing to train adults to post information for events and outings themselves.
  • Also send any updated info to Alok which you would like to see on Calendar.

Event Updates

William Chen

  • Remember Medicals (Class 3) for adults registered in troop are required if you are participating on High Adventure Outing. No exceptions.
  • Reminder to all outing coordinators: All medicals must be udated prior to the outing for scouts and parents. Check below for soon to be expired medicals. See Victor Hsiang to turn in all updated medicals ASAP.

Community Relations

Jeanne Cha and Jovita Fuente (not in attendance)

Adult Training

No Updates.

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Eagle Projects

No Updates

Long Term Outings Planned

  • Summer Camp: Cherry Valley (2009)
  • Summer Camp: Camp Witsett (2010)
  • Sumer Camp: Emerald Bay (2011)
  • Check out new Calendar - 2009 for updated events. Coordinators are collecting information and will have flyers available with information in prepartation of each outing.

Upcoming Outings

Date Event/Outing Coordinator Notes
April 24-26 Camporee - April 2009 Terri Domae and Jeanne Cha Convenience Camping setup. Some scouts have not submitted their meal vouchers into Terry Domae. Please do ASAP, so to close this outing
May 24 Adult Potluck - May 2009 Hoa Pham and Christina Preciado This is our semi-annual Parents of Troop 693 Potluck where the parents have a chance to get together, share some food, and enjoy each other's company (without the Scouts being present.) It has been an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. We hope that all parents will attend and would like to extend a special invitation for the incoming parents.
May 29 Eagle Court of Honor - May 2009 Austin Chang, Andrew Park, and Justing Wang CPE 7 PM
May 30-31 Mountain Biking - May 2009 Peter Prana Bear Mountain. Propoal # 1 approved by committee which was a charge of $70 per scout and $33.00 per adult. This include Bike rental and lift ticket.
June 21- 27 Summer Camp - June 2009 Maria Gomez Mandatory Meeting Tuesday, May 26 for all those who are attending Summer Camp. Merit Badge cards will be distributed and filled out that day and all forms must be ready to be submitted. Adults attending are Eric Aune, Chad Hoang, Maria Gomez, New Parent, Christina Preciado
July 4th Fundraising - 2009 Claire Peer and Mikyong Choi Location of the fireworks booth has been approved. We will be in the same place as last year. Thank you Gordon and Richard for making this happen. Mandatory Parent mmeting Monday, June 1, to sign up for volunteer hours to serve at the fireworks booth. A suggestion to rent a Debit machine was discussed. There will be a 3% transacation fee for credit card use and an 8% fee for debit cards. Committee tabled the decision until the next committee meeting until Floyds follow up with his gun club regarding losses that his club has had when they had the debit machine used with thier yearly fund raiser.
July 11-17 or Aug 22-28 Long Term Bike Ride - August 2009 Alok Sancheti Detail on Calendar (Committee approved to go in August : 12 signed up currently). Check dates as well for the bike training schedule. Next one scheduled is for May 16, 2009
August 21-23 Surfing / Bonfire / Windsurfing Trip - August 2009 Chad Hoang Leo Carrillo Beach. Details to come

Discussion Items

  1. Scout Waiting List- Committee did not approve proposal to allow anyone who is interested in attending T693, however if you know some one who is interested they can be added to the troop waiting list.
  2. ADHOC nominating committee Glenn, Maria, Maha and Christina put together the list of confirmed candidates for adult leaders. Commitee approved slate for the next troop year. A new position of Cub Scout Laiosn was added and Dennis Gorospe has taken that position.

Medical Forms

Medical forms HAVE been updated

Scout Expired On
Scout-Nicholas Won 04/03/2009
Scout-Jared Vilaseca 04/09/2009
Scout-Daanish Noor 04/14/2009
Scout-Andrew Johnson 04/25/2009
Scout-Justin Wiguna 06/02/2009
Scout-Keith Banuelos 06/09/2009
Scout-Ajay Giri 06/13/2009
Scout-Mitchell Hoang 06/14/2009
Scout-Patrick De La Fuente 06/17/2009
Scout-Ricky Gilliland 06/18/2009
Scout-Roland Gomez 06/24/2009
Scout-Roland Gomenz 06/24/2009
Scout-Benjamin Domae 06/24/2009
Scout-Brian Hoffman 06/24/2009
Scout-Nitin Sadras 06/27/2009
Scout-Stephen Lee 07/03/2009
Scout-Eric Pranadjaja 07/07/2009
Scout-Tameem Breik 07/08/2009

Next Comittee Meeting: June 09, 2009 at 7:00 PM @ Carmenita Middle School.

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