Committee Meeting - May 2007

Date: May 8, 2007
Location: Carmenita Middle School
Chaired by: Abraham Oh; Ed Johnson, Secretary
Total present: 24

Scoutmaster’s Report

Eric Aune

  • Three SM conferences scheduled in the past month.
  • Blue Cards & Merit Badge Days: The Scout (and not his parent) is responsible for requesting a blue card IN ADVANCE of Merit Badge Day. We do NOT routinely have an adult leader there at Merit Badge Day to make blue cards available.
  • Camporee: We went up on Sat morning due to the rain on Friday. The Scouts did an exceptional job of getting organized and set up, and we won several competitions. The new Patrol Boxes were a hit.

Treasurer Report

Raj Parikh, Mi Kyong Choi

  • Details on file

Registration Report

Mark Nagayama for William Chen

  • The new roster / database is updated with all of the new Scout information.

Advancement Report

Maha Sadras

  • Three Boards of Review last month; none scheduled for this month. [Note: Scouts need to request a Board of Review a week or more in advance of the scheduled date.]
  • We had an Advancement Outing April 29 with 15 Scouts in attendance. Special thanks to Sang and Eric for the March Outing, and to Abraham, Mark, and Glenn plus four older Scouts helping with the April Outing.
  • Special thank to Kathy Nishibayashi for conducting a Swimming MB class at CPE on Sat, April 28.
  • For any parent signing off an achievement/requirement in a Scout’s handbook, please remember to include the date in addition to your signature.

Eagle Guide

Mark Nagayama

  • No report

Quartermaster’s Report

Floyd Wilson

  • Upon return from an outing, individual pieces of equipment are routinely given to individual Scouts to take home and clean or air out. Items such as tents just need to be erected and allowed to air out / dry out before being put pack into their stuff sacks. Cook sets or stoves may sometimes need to be cleaned. No Scout is to leave the return point (typically CMS) until all of the gear is put away, assigned, or otherwise accounted for. Similarly, any piece of gear that is “assigned” is to be brought back to the next Troop Meeting and personally returned to the Quartermaster
  • Frank Filippone has completed construction of the final three additional new Patrol Boxes. Total cost for all materials came about $100 per box.
  • We’re still missing some backpack tents. Please check your garage, and if you find one, please bring it to the next Troop meeting and give it to the Quartermaster or SM.

Webmaster’s Report

Michael Chern

  • We have decided to move our website to a free web hosting site (Wiki). Alok and Michael will be Administrators and ensure that appropriate rights/permissions are granted for updating (e.g., outing coordinators).
  • Event flyers for upcoming events and pictures from past events can be e-mailed to Michael at moc.396poort|retsambew#moc.396poort|retsambew

Chairman’s Report

Glenn Nishibayashi for Abraham Oh

  • Thanks to Mark and Mi Kyong for organizing the July Fundraiser.
  • If any parent has a complaint with how things are run in the troop or how any of our Committee chairs or adult leaders are performing their duties, please alert Abraham (Committee Chair), the Eric (Scoutmaster), or bring it to the monthly Committee meeting.

Event Updates

  • See Calendar
  • The assigned Outing Coordinator should be prepared to address/update the Committee at least three months prior to the event (and at least six months prior for major events such as long Term, Summer Camp, etc.)

Discussion Items and Other Business:

Long Term Alternative Trip

Due to the lack of interest in the Colorado River canoeing/kayaking trip, Floyd Wilson is working on a couple of possible alternatives.

Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Abraham will recruit/appoint a committee comprised 3-4 adults to nominate / recruit officers and committee chairs for the upcoming program year (Sept thru August). The intent is to have a slate nominated by June and voting by the committee by July. [* per Merriam-Webster: Latin, for this; for the particular end or case at hand without consideration of wider application]

Service Project(s) for Joyson Szu

A couple of preliminary suggestions were made to help Joyson.

  • One possibility is to participate in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, although the minimum age for participation is 16. (
  • Another possibility, also with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, is Light the Night.


  • Finally, we’re checking into Joyson’s needs with regard to blood and/or platelets. We may be able to donate individually and/or as a group thru CHOC to ensure that he has what he’ll need for the course of treatment over the coming months.

In the mean time the power of prayer and positive thinking should be directed toward Joyson and his family.

Medical Forms

All participants (Scouts and Adults) in High Adventure outings need a current medical form on file with the troop. The medical form can be obtained on the troop website or from Todd Shimoda at the Monday meetings. Upon completion of the form, please submit 2 copies (each of BOTH sides of the form) to Todd Shimoda. Below are those that are overdue and pending (i.e., soon to expire). A decision was made to manage more strictly with regard to current medicals. Scouts without current physicals will not be allowed to participate in Troop activities, with the exception of the weekly meetings.

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